Springtime is fast approaching and the next few weeks are the perfect window to tackle your spring house cleaning to-do list. With the nights getting shorter and days lengthening, everyone wants to be fully prepared to take advantage of some much-needed warmth and sunshine without having to worry about reorganizing the garage or cleaning up the patio. Now is the time to pull on those rubber gloves and wrap up this list of spring house cleaning jobs.


How to Prepare for Spring House Cleaning


1. Pack away all your winter gear

The first step of spring house cleaning is to remove your skis, snowboards, coats and boots from sight. Make sure all your equipment is properly stored. Here are a few pointers to avoid damaging your winter gear during spring house cleaning:

  • Prep skis and snowboards for storage. Hose off all surfaces and dry with a towel (do not use detergents as they can damage binding lubricant). Sharpen any dulled edges to prevent rusting over the summer. Store in a cool area in a neutral position.
  • Clean and deodorize boots. Squeeze a few drops of mild dish soap in a bucket of water for cleaning. Use this solution to wipe down the outsides of the boots with a sponge. Clean out the soles with an old toothbrush. Dry boots completely.
  • Coats and clothes. Wash and dry all dirty winter clothes to avoid buildup of smelly bacteria. A job done right means you won’t find any smelly garments during your next spring house cleaning.


2. Clean out pantry and kitchen cabinets

All the areas of your kitchen constantly exposed to food benefit from a thorough quarterly scrub-down to remove any stray food waste and sort out expired items. During your spring house cleaning, take all the dishes out of your cabinets, then scrub down all surfaces with detergent and a cleaning towel. Check your pantry for food and ingredients that have gone bad and dispose of them. Scrub all surfaces of your pantry, as well.


3. Repair or replace patio furniture

Your patio is going to see more company in the coming months than it has since last fall. Check your chairs, tables, umbrellas and grill for any problems: rusty pivots, cracks, broken screws, etc. Consider performing repairs yourself, if it doesn’t interrupt the rest of your spring house cleaning. If damage is too great for an easy fix, it may be time to make a trip to the hardware store and purchase new furniture.


4. Clean and organize your garage

A spring house cleaning wouldn’t be complete without a rigorous day of garage organization. This can be a complicated process, so we’ve put together a list of suggestions:

  • Get rid of any junk. Take every item out of your garage and organize it in different areas: sports equipment, gardening tools, home-improvement tools, etc. Throw away anything broken or unneeded to open up new space. Remember to dispose of motor oil, pesticides and other chemical products safely.
  • Clean floor, walls, and shelves. Sweep or vacuum the floor and scrub walls and shelves.
  • Consider rearranging your space. Moving a shelf here or table there can open up whole new storage opportunities in your garage. During your spring house cleaning is the best time to reposition furniture while everything is out of the way.


5. Plan a deep spring house cleaning

Your home is most likely going to be cleaner now than any other time of the year. Plan an exhaustive spring house cleaning to take advantage of this opportunity. If you employ a maid service, consider scheduling a special cleaning session. If you don’t, think about calling for a spring cleaning to save you and your back some work. Whether or not you plan to use professional help, make sure every room gets attention. Basements, bedrooms, bathrooms and storage areas need proper cleansing, in addition to your garage and kitchen.

Your spring house cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. Take pride in the fact that you are preparing your living space for all your spring and summer guests. Many a backyard barbeque are in your near future.

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