Recently, a long-time client of Maids by Trade, Robert L., wrote this fantastic review about us on Google, which highlights the importance of communication. We were so thrilled to hear about his awesome experiences with us throughout the years:

House-cleaning-review-by-Robert-- Importance of communication


Maids by Trade avatarFor starters, we would like to thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback on the house cleaning services we provide for you! We work very hard to train our teams to perform top-notch cleanings with efficiency and high quality. It means so much that this hard work has not gone unnoticed over the years that we have been working with you!

Your team members were so excited to find out about your outstanding positive comments! They would like to thank you for your recognition of all their effort and let you know that they have really enjoyed working with you and your family! Our office staff also agrees that you are a joy to work with, and we are all so glad that you have enjoyed it as well!

It has been our pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you and assist you with your house cleaning needs over the years and we hope to continue working with you for years to come! Thank you for continuing to choose Maids by Trade!

Importance of communication

Maids by Trade encourages our clients to provide feedback when dealing with service businesses. This is a great chance to let your cleaning company know whether they need to improve their service or recognize them for their good performance. Feel free to check out this publication about interacting with your house cleaning company. In addition, communication is key when it comes to long-term business relationships. Another way to provide feedback is by writing reviews about your experience with businesses. In this way you’re able to share your impression of a company with others. On this post we highlight the importance of reviewing a business. Remember to communicate with your company about potential improvements before proceeding. Sometimes it’s only a matter of communication before minor issues can get fixed. We feel very thankful for the opportunity to highlight the importance of communication with our clients.

Thank you Robert for continuing to choose Maids by Trade!

The Maids by Trade Family!