Think: repurpose. Your kitchen is likely filled with items you purchased or were gifted, that are taking up space and seldom getting used. It is a treasure trove of excitement at your very fingertips.

Did you know you can repurpose some of these items commonly found in your kitchen, and breathe new life into them with little effort? You’ll love the way they serve new purposes in your home. Some of them are even gift-worthy.  Your kitchen is a lot more than simply the room in which you prepare and eat your meals!


Bring New Life To Everyday Kitchen Items & Repurpose Them!


Repurpose Your Rolling Pins into Hanging Racks

Some people love this project so much they go out and buy rolling pins at the dollar store. If you’re like most people, however, you’ve accumulated a few rolling pins in your kitchen over the years. You probably even have one that belonged to your grandmother, your mom, or a favorite aunt. So why not repurpose them?

So many people buy their piecrust and biscuit dough in the refrigerator section of the grocery store these days that in some homes these rolling pins are almost obsolete. If you’re among them, this is the perfect project for you to repurpose them.

You will need a few staples in order to complete this task. You may also need to ask for help if you’re not accustomed to using power tools.

  • Band saw
  • Wood glue
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Paint or stain
  • Paint brush
  • Piece of sturdy wood measuring approximately 24 x 8 x ½ inches

Using a band saw, cut both ends from your rolling pins, measuring about four inches from the beginning of each handle. Discard the extra piece of the rolling pin.


Repurpose Your Rolling Pins into Hanging Racks


Purchase your piece of wood, based on the aforementioned measurements, but bear in mind you may make it smaller or larger based on the number of rolling pins you cut. Be sure to clean off all of the saw dust before you paint or stain the wood to your liking. Using safe cleaners, you not only help the environment but also your health. Allow it to thoroughly dry before completing the next steps.

Using a pencil and measuring tape or yardstick, mark the number of spots where the end of each rolling pin will go. Using your screwdriver, affix each rolling pin end to the piece of wood.

You now have a hanging rack perfect for use in your kitchen. Use it to hang dish towels, aprons, pots and pans, utensils, pot holders, and more. These are excellent for gift giving.


How Many Colanders Do You Need in One Kitchen?

Do you have more than one colander in your kitchen? Are they really needed? Repurpose a metal colander—along with a few pieces of extra flatware—by making a fun set of wind chimes.

Using fishing line, attach pieces of flatware to the colander, tying the knots through the colander’s holes. Make sure to allow the flatware to hand down at least two to three feet below the opening of the upside down colander.


Bring New Life to Kitchen Colanders & Repurpose Them!


String a few beads for color and added texture, and attach these as well. Hang the wind chimes inside a kitchen window or in your back yard for an eclectic craft made from your kitchen.

Use these ideas as a means of inspiration to repurpose items in your home. They’ll no doubt spark some great ideas of things for you to do with unused items in your own kitchen. When you repurpose kitchen items not only frees up precious space in your cabinets and drawers, it prevents these items from winding up in landfills, too.


Cups and Saucers

Do you have a wealth of Grandma’s old teacups and saucers taking up valuable cupboard space in your kitchen? If so, you’re not alone. Since most people drink their tea and coffee from mugs these days, cups and saucers are typically overlooked.

The following ideas to repurpose them not only frees up that cupboard space, they make excellent gifts. Just think of all the members of your family who would love a gift made from something that once belonged to another beloved family member.


Bring New Life tea cups & Repurpose Them


Mini Planter

This first effort at repurposing cups and saucers is incredibly simple. You need a drill equipped with a carbide bit. The key to success is to use it at a low RPM.

Drill three small holes in the bottom of the cup. Before you continue you will want to clean the cups using a safe cleaner. Place a few small stones in the bottom of the cup. Fill the cup 7/8 full with potting soil. Plant one large or a few small succulents in the soil. By using the safe cleaners, you have given the succulents a healthy place to call home. Place the cup on the saucer and you have a lovely plant for keeping or giving as a gift.


Candle Holder

This second effort to repurpose cups and saucers is easy, too. You will need paraffin, food coloring, oil in any scent you choose, and wicking. These items may all be purchased at your local craft store. Pick up some wick anchors while you’re there, too.


Bring New Life To cups & make candle holders


Cut a piece of wick long enough to reach the bottom of the cup and to leave a five-inch-long wick at the top of the cup. Yes, this is long, but there’s a reason for it. Affix a wick anchor onto one end of the wick and place it inside the teacup. Wrap the top couple of inches of wick around a pencil and balance the pencil over the top of the cup, making sure the wick is in the center of the cup.

Follow manufacturer’s directions for melting your paraffin, adding color if you wish (it isn’t necessary) and a few drops of scent (also not necessary). Fill the cup up 7/8 full, being very careful not to drip the wax on your work surface. Allow the wax to harden for several hours or overnight. Trim the wick with a very sharp pair of scissors.

Place your new candle on your saucer and marvel at how simple it was to create. It was easy to repurpose an item that was taking up space in your kitchen. Make several for holiday gift giving and birthdays. Just in case you want to learn How to Remove Candle Wax from Glass.


Repurpose Metal Ladles

We’ve all got a few hanging around—those old metal ladles dappled with rust. Before you give up on them and throw them out, repurpose them. You can remove the rust with safe cleaners or leave it depending on how rustic you want your style to look.

Simply affix the ladle, via the lower portion of its handle, to a wall in your kitchen or dining room. Use a small bracket and two screws to ensure it is sturdy. Drop in a tea light candle, and you’ve got instant ambience. If the bowl of the ladle is deep enough, add some stones or colored faux stones and set the tea light candle into them.

To repurpose an item is quite simple and easy to do. It just takes an item not used anymore and some imagination. Think outside the box!

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