Changing a flat tire is a skill we hope to never use, but it’s vitally important to know, as well as other car upkeep tips. Replacing a flat tire shouldn’t be that difficult – don’t panic.


Repairing Flat Tires


Remember, Safety First!

Here’s a few steps to guide you get back on the road in just minutes:

—    Remember, safety first – pull your car into a safe spot

—    Have your hazard lights on to be seeing by other drivers

—    Make sure your shifter is in park position to prevent car from moving

—    Have your emergency breaks to increase stability while you change your tire

—    Confirm the condition of your spare tire before removing flat tire

—    Ensure you have a jack, and the wrench to operate it, in your vehicle

—    Understand how your jack works before starting.


Other recommendations

—    Regularly ensure your spare tire is properly inflated

—    Chock the opposite wheel with scraps of wood, tree branches or partially flattened soda cans.

—    Stock lug wrench is often inadequate to the task of un-torqueing lug nuts. Use a pipe extension. Leave wheel on ground to keep it from spinning

—    Jack will have someplace to peg it to its intended location on the bottom of the car.

—    Some jacks attach to the frame rail while other may have a small recess on the pinch weld along the bottom of the body.

—    A little grease on the jacks screw will reduce effort. Don’t overdo it.

—    Toss the old tire under the car in case car falls off the jack