Commuting via public transportation is a great way to save on gas money, and find some additional time to read about the best safe cleaners for using around your new baby. It’s also a little confusing. Every city is different, but the following tips will have you looking like a public transportation pro in no time.

Public Transportation Guide for 1st Time Commuters


Pay Close Attention to Public Transportation Schedules

Public Transportation runs on its own time, meaning you have to work around its schedule. If you’ve been driving to work for years, the transition is challenging, but manageable.

Most major metropolitan areas list their bus and light rail schedules online. If that’s not an option, try heading down to the public transit office and picking up a paper schedule.

Before leaving home for your morning commute, make sure to pay close attention to route distinctions like direction (east, west, north, or south) time (am or pm) and whether the route stops running or changes course. This can save you from major hassles later on.


Always Buy a Pass or Ticket

Depending on the city you live in, you may not even be able to board the bus or train without a pass. So if you can, buy a public transportation pass anyway.

Fees and fines add up, even small municipal ones. Always have proof of purchase. It protects you, and makes getting to work or school on time a breeze.


Stay Alert

Riding public transportation means not having to worry about traffic, but it presents plenty of other challenges. Like any public place, there’s the possibility of crime or accidents, so it’s important to stay alert and keep your eyes open.  This is especially true if you enjoy listening to your iPod or watching your smartphone while commuting. It’s easy to get distracted if you are focusing on something else. To avoid problems, keep the volume at a reasonable level and avoid napping if at all possible. See something suspicious? Speak up and tell a local authority.


Public Transportation Guide To Stay Alert


Avoiding Germs

Commuting to work via public transportation is a great way to help the environment. It can save you some money. And unfortunately, it also exposes you to plenty of germs and bacteria. Since there’s no way to know whether the seats and railings are regularly cleaned, much the less if crews are using safe cleaners, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


3 Simple Things for Staying Healthy

First, always carry safe cleaners on you. There are plenty of options, including antibacterial hand sanitizers, non-toxic antibacterial wipes or a small spray bottle filled with a combination of vinegar and water. Before sitting down in your seat, or grabbing on to a pole or handle, wipe down the area with one of these cleaning supplies. Feels good knowing you’re eradicating germs and bacteria, doesn’t it?

Second, don’t make direct contact with any people, items, or interiors. The easiest way to do this, is to wear long sleeves or gloves when riding public transportation, especially during the winter season. People are sneezing, coughing, and blowing their noses, so an extra line of defense is just the thing.

Third, consider wearing a face mask. It isn’t the most fashionable statement, but it keeps the air you’re breathing clean and fights off germs, too.


Protect Your Belongings

Will you be commuting with your bike, scooter, or skateboard? Invest in a good lock, chain, or app-based security system, and make sure to pay attention while going and coming to work or school. Take the extra time to lock your belongings up when riding public transportation. If you don’t someone can easily grab them and walk right off of the train or bus.

If you regularly travel with electronics, invest in protecting those. There are dozens of programs that make monitoring of electronic devices easier than ever before.


Be Respectful to Other Riders

Lastly, it’s important that you respect all other riders. Public transportation serves people of all income levels, backgrounds and experience. This means every day is a new adventure. Don’t be surprised if you see something strange or unusual while riding the light rail or a public bus. It’s merely part of the experience.

In addition, make sure to listen to music with headphones on, chew with your mouth closed, and only bring beverages on board if they have a seal-able lid. Also, if you plan on wiping down seats, handles, or railings, make sure you are doing so using safe cleaners. Other passengers may be allergic and you don’t want to risk an episode during your morning commute. Following these rules will both please your driver, and keep your fellow commuters happy as well when riding public transportation.