No two homes are alike so no two house cleanings will be alike. This means house cleaning companies need to have flexibility and a range of options to choose from. There are lots of choices to make when selecting a house cleaning company. One of the things to think about when looking for new cleaners are the Portland house cleaning rates. Learn more about what to expect below.


Portland House Cleaning Rates


What level of service do you need?

You need to be clear on which services you need before you look at house cleaning rates.

Make yourself a quick list, including:

  • rooms in your home you need cleaned
  • areas that need the most cleaning
  • anywhere that’s off-limits for cleaning

With a simple list in hand, you can get more accurate quotes and ensure that all cleaning efforts focus only on the areas of your home you specify.

Does your home need quick or thorough cleaning?

This is an important question to answer, because it tells you how much cleaning time is needed. When comparing house cleaning companies, you’ll see both hourly and flat rates. Professional companies focused on accurate quotes and customer satisfaction usually prefer hourly rates.

Hourly rates VS Flat rates

Hourly rates allow your cleaning service to be customized to fit specific needs in your home. A flat rate may seem appealing, but can result in a spotty cleaning job (to finish in time) or unexpected add on time (and more money) beyond your original quote.

Do you want a one-time or long-term cleaning service?

You have to decide what type of house cleaners you welcome into your home. Companies offering long term, trusted, local service want to earn your return business. One-time companies, with low flat rates, may just be interested in collecting your money now in exchange for bare minimum service.

Here are 3 tips to avoid a one-time flat rate, mindset:

  1. Remind yourself you care who enters your home.
  2. A rate that’s too low to be realistic probably has a catch.
  3. Long-term cleaners work to earn your satisfaction every time.

Even if you only intend to have your home professionally cleaned once, a house cleaning company trusted for long-term local service may be your best choice.


What do you base house cleaning rates on?

Guess how much it will cost to clean your home. Go ahead, write down a guess. Now, any idea what your guess is based on? For an accurate guess, you’d need to know how many hours the cleaning will take and an average hourly rate.

You may know how long cleaning your home takes, but you also need a current average for house cleaning companies in the Portland area.

3 tips for finding average Portland house cleaning rates

  1. Only include companies offering your expected level of service
  2. Before you look at what they charge, look at who they are
  3. Get free quotes from each house cleaning service
  4. Use your quick list (from above) for each quote
  5. Remember that quotes should be free & no obligation
  6. Don’t feel guilty for shopping around


Ready to start comparing Portland house cleaning rates?

Maids by Trade is ready to help with an accurate quote and an in-home estimate. As a long term, locally trusted house cleaning company, all of our customers receive customized service. Our local office serves Tigard and Beaverton as well as Portland, Oregon. You’re welcome to share your list of cleaning needs with us and compare our rates.