These are the basics when implementing home pest prevention:

Keep It Clean

  • Home Pest Prevention ChecklistSweep and vacuum the floor regularly and make sure to wipe down all countertops frequently.
  • Don’t leave any food out, cockroaches and flies are attracted to them.
  • Cover, wrap or seal up all leftover foods and immediately store them in the appropriate place.
  • If food must be left out, make sure it’s well covered, especially during summer months.
  • Dump all stagnant water to prevent a mosquito infestation.

Take Out Trash

  • Separate wet and dry trash.
  • Put perishable refuse outside immediately, especially if it’s meat, eggs, or other organic matter that decays quickly.
  • Ensure trash can is always covered.
  • Clean both indoor and outdoor trash cans and bins regularly.

Maintenance Measures

  • Install screens on doors and windows.
  • Patch up any holes in screen, walls, and other areas.
  • Seal cracks in the walls.Clean your home regularly, especially kitchens and bathrooms.

Property Assessment Checklist

Home Pest Prevention Checklist

Inspecting inside of your property:

Inspecting exterior of your property:

You’re welcome to use this list to complete your home pest prevention process. Bookmark the page and you can comeback at any time to use the checklist for 30 days. After this period, the form will reset itself.