Our Neighborhood

Springwater Corridor Trail

Homeless Camp off 82nd Ave. on the Springwater Corridor Trail. Portland OR

Here at Maids by Trade, we talk a lot about being a Portland-born company and a part of the community. That means we’re not only involved in supporting community events and organizations, but also that we’re not immune to community problems.

The Maids by Trade main office is located close to the Springwater Trail. Along this trail is a large population of displaced and homeless people.

Our goals are to:

Bring attention to the homeless camps along the Springwater Corridor.

Homelessness has become increasingly visible in Portland and we are at risk of becoming inured to the sight of people living in tents along a trail. We hope that we can get people talking, resist complacency, and inspire positive change.

Join with area businesses and citizens and advocate for a cleaner, safer neighborhood.

We know that we can do more together. If we want to better the community, we have to act as a community.

Johnson Creek Portland OR

Intersection of Johnson Creek and 92nd Ave. Portland OR.

What Now?

We want to take a holistic approach and make our neighborhood safer while acting with compassion and respect. This isn’t a problem with an easy answer. We’re just getting started and are unsure of what steps to take, but that’s okay. It’s not an overnight process. We invite you to check back frequently to see updates about our initiative to clean up the Springwater Corridor. 




Check out some pictures from our neighborhood along the Springwater Corridor, and feel free to share opinions in the comments below.

2016-03-26 17.37.01

2016-03-26 17.53.05 HDR

2016-03-26 17.52.54

2016-03-26 17.52.50

2016-03-26 17.51.59

2016-03-24 18.15.34 HDR

2016-02-20 14.12.26-2

2016-03-26 17.42.27

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