Milwaukie House Cleaning Service – Reviews Matter

Maids by Trade’s unique approach to house cleaning includes not only a high-level of customization, but also environmentally-friendly practices and products. Our house cleaning philosophy is a perfect fit for Milwaukie, Oregon, where homeowners are concerned about green living and a more sustainable way of life. Our Milwaukie house cleaning service is one-of-a-kind.


Milwaukie House Cleaning Service – Reviews Matter


However, Milwaukie residents have many options. There are at least half a dozen house cleaning companies you can pick from, which makes settling on one an honest challenge. Before you make a final decision, there are a few aspects of a Milwaukie house cleaning company you should look for.


  1. The Milwaukie house cleaning company should automatically perform an in-home estimate for every client. Since each house is slightly unique, a reputable company will match their service recommendations and needs of your home to the best house cleaning crew. This raises the level of satisfaction and appreciation for you and the company.
  2. A reputable house cleaning company have a number of reviews online as of result of satisfied clients. A good house cleaning company will address and respond to public opinion or reviews in a professional manner.
  3. The larger your home, the more time it will take to finish cleaning your house properly and the cost will be greater as well, but the end result should leave you satisfied. This is a measure taken to treat each house and family as it/they ought to be.
  4. A professional Milwaukie house cleaning company will be worth their dollar. In most cases (including outside the house cleaning industry), you get what you pay for. The value you receive from a house cleaning company in Milwaukie will depend on what you pay.


Remember, if you have a great experience with a house cleaning company in Milwaukie, share your opinion online. It helps the company, and it helps you! Leaving a review helps make sure that great service is still there when you want it again.

If the company made a mistake that left you with a bad experience, give them a chance to redeem themselves. Most house cleaning companies will work hard to correct their errors and impress you.


Not just a Milwaukie House Cleaning Service

Maids by Trade also services other areas: Lake Oswego, West Portland, the Portland Metropolitan area, and more. Not sure if your home is covered? Contact us and ask.