Moms Opt to Use a Maid Service in Lake Oswego

Historically, mothers were the ones that usually performed the cleaning. However, now many women work outside the home and are busy with their professional schedules. Stay-at-home moms are also busy now that children’s activity schedules are so hectic. With so much else to do, house cleaning is just not a priority. The home, the place where moms and the rest of the family relax when they ever find the time, suffers. That means the relaxation suffer, too! That’s where Maids by Trade’s maid service in Lake Oswego comes into play.

Maid Service in Lake Oswego

The benefits of hiring maid service in Lake Oswego

  • Family tension is eased. No longer is Mom or anyone else expected to do many of the chores. Just like the cooking might be outsourced to a restaurant a few nights a week, the modern family can outsource the cleaning, too!
  • Award winning Maid Service in Lake OswegoA healthier home. Lake Oswego mothers and fathers can rest easily after Maids by Trade has cleaned their home. Our service uses the friendly EcoPink™ System to sanitize your home. In addition, our vacuums have HEPA filters with trap particles in the air as small as 0.3 microns, greatly improving indoor air quality.
  • More free time. Now that cleaning is not a worry, you can devote chore-time to something else….maybe entertaining in your beautiful home!
  • Convenience. It’s a wonderful feeling walking into a neat and ordered home.

Maid services in Lake Oswego can help every woman and family relieve chronic pressure and focus on the great things that happen as a result. After all, living your life to the fullest is essential, and maid services in Lake Oswego will provide you with the means to make that a reality!

Maids by Trade is available in Lake Oswego, Oregon and our maid team is here to help you banish uncleanliness for good. Our reliable, personable team members go out of their way to ensure your home is treated as well as theirs. Learn more about us and contact our staff today for an in-home estimate!