Operation Organize in Oro ValleyOro Valley residents, like many people in Arizona have better things to do than house cleaning every day.  Yet everyone wants a clean house to come home to each day.  House cleaning requires essential organization in order to meet these goals.  While nobody wants to clean their house every single day, a little cleaning each day in an organized manner will pay off toward the overall goal of cleaning your Oro Valley home.  Even the families that have a weekly maid service require a bit of cleaning in between cleanings.  It isn’t difficult or time consuming.  You just need a tad bit of organization.

Oro Valley Cleaning—Daily Habits

The daily chores are the easy quick items that reoccur daily.

Make the Bed.  This task is a simple and quick activity that makes a big difference.  The entire appearance of a bedroom changes if the bed is made, and it only takes a couple of minutes.  Get into a routine of making the bed as soon as you get out of it in the morning.  After a couple weeks, you’ll barely notice that you do it.

Clean the Dirty Dishes.  We use dishes every day.  They are covered in food which if left out can lead to odor and unsanitary conditions.  A sink full of dirty dishes also immediately sends out an “unclean” vibe in your house.  Get into the habit of cleaning dishes as you cook which will save you a lot of time.  After you complete the meal, take the few extra minutes to clean up the remainder and you’ll be left with a clean kitchen to wake up to the next morning.

Clean up Spills.  If you spill something or make a mess, clean it up right then.  Do not let it sit waiting for another time.  The spill will likely only get tougher to clean.  Something that might have taken one minute to clean right when it happened might take ten minutes of scrubbing the next day or worse—it might not come out at all!

Operation-Organize-in-Oro-Valley-1Oro Valley Cleaning—Weekly Habits

Now that you are cleaning the small stuff every day, the bigger stuff will be easier.  The next category for Operation Organize in Oro Valley house cleaning is the weekly cleaning.  If you use a weekly house cleaning service, you may not have to perform this weekly checklist at all.

Do the Laundry.  There is no efficiency gain in doing laundry more than once a week for most families.  Make it a habit to start the laundry routine on a Saturday morning for example and continue until it is complete.  Remember to quickly move the clothes from washer to dryer and dryer to folding to reduce the amount of rework and ironing.

Disinfect the Kitchen Counters.  Use a disinfectant wipe or sponge to fully wipe down your kitchen counters once a week.  If you spill something during the week, clean it up right away.

Disinfect the Bathroom Shower and Sinks.  If completed weekly, the task of disinfecting the bathroom shower, tub, and sinks will be easy and quick.  If you let it wait, the cleaning will take a lot longer and involve more scrubbing.

Vacuum/Sweep the floors.  This task is likely the most time consuming of your weekly cleaning routine.

bathroon cleaning in oro valleyOro Valley Cleaning—Monthly Habits

Monthly cleaning routines are the deep cleaning part of Operation Organize in Oro Valley house cleaning.  It wouldn’t be complete without the deep clean!  Luckily these tasks are only once a month as they are definitely the most time consuming.  You may choose to hire a maid service to help you out with these chores. Tracking in the Oro Valley dirt and dust can be minimized by investing in a quality floor mat for each door or requiring family members to remove their shoes prior to entering the house.

Wipe down Windows.  Use glass cleaner and a clean microfiber rag to reduce streaks.  You can even purchase wet wipes specially made for cleaning windows.  Clean inside and out to allow that beautiful Oro Valley sun to shine inside your home.

Scrub the floors.  While you are sweeping or vacuuming your floors weekly, the hard floors in your home need a little more attention to really bring out the clean.  There are many options ranging from Swiffer cleaners all the way to a bucket and sponge.  The more convenient option could be a specialized floor cleaner, but use what works for you!

Wipe down microwave and fridge.  Do a quick clean of your fridge and microwave monthly.

All it takes is a little organization for house cleaning in order to have a sparkling Oro Valley home!  Enjoy!