Getting a New House Cleaning Franchise

Acquiring a new house cleaning franchise can be a challenging process and it’s important to do the proper research before committing to a specific brand or company. Franchises are everywhere and aligning with a larger organization will allow you to be in business with a system that is already in place. Reputable house cleaning companies should be clear and open about their practices and potential pitfalls. Franchising with a reputable business is an added bonus of a brand to help you reach business and personal goals. Joining a house cleaning franchise will bring you expertise in marketing, finance, operations and technology.


House Cleaning Franchise


Do Your Homework

  • Check their online reputation
  • See if their website is professional
  • Look for their business longevity and stability
  • Assess their responsiveness to your inquires

Remember, a company that has been in business for many years is not necessarily the best option, as it might rely on outdated systems and technology. Look for companies that are current on technology and are innovative.

Another set of must-have points on your checklist before engaging directly with the brand to franchise:

  1. Values. A responsible company will have a set of values as part of their business operations: Integrity, Quality, Guarantee, Reputation and Eco-responsible among others.
  2. Reputation. An established company will have a clear commitment to earn trust from its clients, investors, employees as well as the local community as a whole.
  3. Standards. Anyone can claim to have a “house cleaning” business but the reality is that only a reputable company will include Quality, Trust and Convenience as part of its standards.
  4. Technology. Although the house cleaning industry doesn’t require much technology, it is important to remain current on new technology; from a responsive website, to client care software & systems, to the latest in cleaning equipment and vacuuming.
  5. Innovation. This is by far the easiest way to spot a company that stays on top of its industry. There is a need to stay innovative and to update cleaning practices and techniques.
  6. Community. In today’s society it’s important to support businesses that have a commitment with their communities; bringing people together, inspiring change and making a difference in the lives of others in the community.


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In conclusion, while the whole process of engaging with franchising companies, it is critical to avoid predator franchising companies. Often times franchising agencies will target companies to market their franchises and this can lead to predatory practices from these agencies. Remember, any fees or premiums will be passed on to you the franchisee. If possible, contact the franchising brand directly to get all your questions and concerns addressed. A reputable company will be open and upfront about this process.

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