We’re so excited about this review that we have to have this little spoiler: in this review Joseph, a long-time client of ours, says “I love cleaning day.” He loves it! We are so thrilled to have a review that proves we have a positive impact on people’s lives. After nearly 10 years of working with us, here is what else Joseph had to say about our services:


house-cleaning-review-by-Joseph "I love cleaning day - I get a huge lift from having a clean and tidy home."


We are so thankful for Joseph’s positive comments, as well as his patronage! We’re proud to have earned Joseph’s loyalty as a customer. We know that means we are meeting our goal of consistently delivering the high-quality service clients want, exactly how they want it.


Want to Love Cleaning Day, Too? Trust Your Provider

A maid service is unlike most other service providers. The work takes place repeatedly in the privacy of your home, sometimes over the course of years. We treat every invitation into a client’s home with respect and professionalism. A long-term service relationship is a mutually beneficial thing and we do everything we can to make every client want to keep up around.

We believe that the professionalism Joseph mentions is key impressing clients over and over again. Anyone can clean, but a professional does so thoroughly and seriously. Our maids are trained to be great at what they do. We are so happy when they receive recognition for their work and how well they do it.

Thanks again to Joseph for sharing his experience with our company online. We enjoy working with you and we hope to do so for many more years to come!

-The Maids by Trade Family!