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We’ve discussed Reasons to Buy a House Cleaning Franchise before: large pieces of your business are in place before you even start, a proven system means less waste experimenting, it’s a fast-growing industry, and it’s a mutually beneficial relationship for the brand and you. Could there be any more reasons to open a housecleaning franchise? Actually, there are! Here are even more reasons that it’s a great idea to open a housecleaning franchise:

1. Low Investment Costs

The higher the initial investment for a franchise, the longer it will be until your business makes a profit. That means it is very important to select a franchise that sets you up for success in a timely manner.

A housecleaning franchise is a great deal. After franchise fees, legal costs, equipment, training, and everything else, a housecleaning franchise is still about $10,000 to $20,000 dollars cheaper than other franchises (and even starting your own business).


2. Attractive to Employees

You can’t have a great business without great employees and, as a house cleaning business, you’ll be able to pick from the best! Housecleaning businesses are employee magnets because they offer flexibility, a close-knit company culture, and even room to grow and advance. Offer these things and you’ll have potential workers clamoring to be a part of your business. And of course, your wonderful and happy employees will lead to happier clients (which makes for a happier you).


3. Flexibility

Okay, so we sort of mentioned this in the earlier article, but it bears repeating. A franchise really is the best of both worlds: independence within an existing framework. With a franchise, you have a combination of support and freedom that allows you to follow your dreams and become successful. Take the template, make it your own, and make it work for you and your region.


Reasons Galore for a Housecleaning Franchise

Franchises makes trillions each year, provide millions of jobs, and are a huge part of the US economy. You could be a part of that if you choose to open a Maids by Trade franchise. Learn about our franchises and then contact our Franchisor Purple Forte


Check out this infographic discussing the state of franchising in the US:

Infographic: Franchising In America



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