International Cat Day is a day upon which people from all around the world celebrate many different species of domestic cats. Created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare back in 2002, our feline friends are celebrated on August 8th. Cat lovers are encouraged to spread the word about the holiday each year by taking to social media. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, using the hashtag #InternationalCatDay will show everyone that your furry friends are at the center of your world.


International Cat Day: Paws up Lets Celebrate


International Cat Day—Cats Come With A Wealth of Housecleaning Needs

Not everything we love is easy to maintain, and sometimes cleaning up after our cats comes under this heading as well. Cats shed. Their dander causes some to be seriously allergic. If he or she is an indoor cat, there is a litter box to clean and maintain. Then there is odor prevention on top of that. Owning a cat isn’t all fun and games, but the unconditional love they provide you makes it all worth it just the same.

A good vacuum cleaner is imperative to keeping a house with cats clean. This is only part of your housecleaning routine if you own one or more cats. You must also tend to almost daily chores like dusting, scooping out the litter box, and wiping down all surfaces where the cats may walk and leave their fur.

Many cat owners swear by hiring a weekly maid service. This doesn’t let the cat owner off the hook completely, however. There are still those daily cat-related chores.


International Cat Day—Spay or Neuter Your Cats

International Cat Day is the perfect time to spread the word about spaying or neutering your cats. Did you know that on any given day an estimated 500 million cats are wandering in neighborhoods all around the world? A huge percentage of these cats are born because pet owners didn’t spay or neuter their cats. Many of these cats aren’t care for properly—or at all. This means of those 500 million cats, many of them are left to fend for themselves. They go without proper nutrition and medical care.

When you post something on International Cat Day on social media, be sure to add something about spaying or neutering your cats. Remember that hashtag, #InternationalCatDay.


Cats and Mental Health

Did you know that cats are believed to improve mental health by relieving stress, anxiety, and depression? Not only do cats serve as loving companions, they provide pet owners with a sense of responsibility. After all, someone has to feed them, brush them, give them their medication, play with them, and take them to the vet for checkups.


International Cat Day: Paws up Lets Celebrate and get it neutered


Cat Breeds

It’s fun to take note of the many different breeds of cats—especially on International Cat Day. Did you know there are 70 known breeds of house cats alone? Some of those breeds include Siamese cats, Balinese cats, British shorthair cats, Himalayan cats, Exotic shorthair cats, Munchkin cats (no, they don’t live in Oz!), Persian cats, the hairless Sphynx cats, and Turkish Angora cats—just to name a few.

While most domestic cats require the same kind daily care, a few require extra special—and sometimes even tedious—care. Did you know that hairless cats must be bathed with a damp cloth every day? They also are very sensitive to temperatures—both hot and cold. Making sure you know what kind of care is needed by your particular breed of cat is important before deciding to bring one home.


Why Was International Cat Day Initiated?

International Cat Day was started as a means of raising awareness about cats, and the many benefits they provide their owners. The observance is intended to encourage those without a cat to consider adopting one or more from their local shelter. In hopes of reminding those who know of stray cats in their neighborhoods to set out food and water is on occasion for them.


How is International Cat Day Celebrated?

International Cat Day raises awareness about cats via word of mouth and social media.  It is celebrated in a variety of ways. You might consider visiting a shelter and playing with the cats there. And if you’re not up for adoption or you already have you own, the shelter would love this. The cats will too! You can volunteer anytime to come and play with the kitties. They don’t get much play time usually.

Think of International Cat Day as the perfect day to visit your local cat groomer. Your cat can enjoy a pedicure—getting those sharp claws trimmed—and have a special bath. While it’s true most cats won’t actually enjoy this, it is in their best interest to visit a groomer once or twice a year to avoid matted fur and skin ailments.

You might simply treat your cat to a special meal on this day we celebrate our feline friends. Instead of a can of Purina, set out a dish with fresh fish or some cooked chicken—maybe alongside a saucer of milk. You’ll know how many points you’ve scored when your cat cuddles with you later in the evening.

Aside from the housecleaning needs and in addition to concerns like spaying or neutering, cats are living creatures who deserve to be treated in a kind, dignified, healthy manner. Celebrating them in all the ways you can think of will help spread this very important word to those all around the world.

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