We could ask you husbands a few questions: Does your wife do most of the cleaning? Do you? Do you split the chores? But those questions aren’t as important as the real question: do the cleaners in the house need help? Professional maid services can free up a lot of your or your wife’s time. Especially now that summer is approaching. You want to have fun with your leisure time, not keep up the house. But isn’t it easier to have fun when there isn’t a mess everywhere? A quandary solved by professional maid services. Take a look at just a few of the ways your summer time is freed up or improved by hiring cleaning services.


Why Husbands Hire Professional Maid Services


That barbecue tradition must go on

Okay. Hiring cleaning maid services might not be the first thing that comes to mind while getting ready to tackle your party preparations. But there is one thing we must always consider. The tradition of the grill – you know what we’re talking about. The careful searing of pork chops, steak, lamb, hot dogs and the ever classic hamburger is an art passed from generation to generation, father to son. Who has time for sweeping when your craft is meant to be the success of every gathering, no matter how large or small? Hire a maid service and get your grill time back.


Please “The Inspector” mother-in-law

You and your beautiful wife have been happily married for years, decades perhaps. But her lovely mother never quite seemed to fully ease into the situation. If her occasionally incisive commentary means anything, that is. Sound familiar? A professional maid service can get your home shipshape in no time, with minimal effort from yourself. Of course, your mother in law wants to make sure her daughter is being treated like a princess. Prove it to her—your wife will love it.


Your wife will appreciate the break… and so will you

A maid service can give your partner in life the present of extra time on her hands to rest before guests arrive. Whether it’s a one-time deal or regularly scheduled, we guarantee she’ll appreciate it: she comes home… surprise! The maid service already has the house looking fantastic. You two can go relax with some quality one-on-one time before family shows up.


The whole family gets to relax

Everything is much better when everyone is in a great mood. Your maid service can come the day before everyone arrives. The house will be spotless. Your wife can spend some time with her friends, you can hang out with your buddies and all the kids can play together. Relax. Enjoy yourselves.


Professional Maid Services are Just a Call or Click Away

So if these solutions sound great and you can already picture yourself in the backyard with a burger and a drink, call Maids by Trade. With our 15 years of experience, we provide premium professional maid services that all of Oregon and Washington love.