How to Remove Mud StainsIf you have a kid, stains are everywhere. They love to play hard and get dirty doing it (and maybe you do too!) For those mud stains and splatters, here are all the cleaning tips you could possibly need.

Before Removing Mud Stains

Let the mud dry before attempting to wash the fabric. Once it’s dried, try to get as much off before washing it. Use a plastic knife to scrape off as much mud as possible. After you’ve removed everything you can, you can start cleaning using the suggestions below.

Mud and Clothing

Let the clothing soak in cold soapy water for a few hours. Then brush the item with a toothbrush or soft cloth until the mud has been removed. After the scrubbing, wash as usual in a washing machine for a full cycle to remove any left over dirt.

Mud and Carpet

This might sound crazy, but let the mud dry on the carpet. What is dry mud? Just regular old dirt, which is a lot easier to clean up than mud. Let the mud dry and then vacuum up as much as possible. If there is some still stuck to the carpet, use the plastic knife again to remove it. If it’s being really stubborn, wet the stain with cold soapy water and scrub with a rag until the stain lifts.

Mud and Unwashable Fabric

Anyone with children knows to expect the unexpected. In case mud gets on something that cannot be cleaned with normal cleaning methods—a curtain with a muddy hand print or a nice dress that came too close to a child proud of their mud pie—we suggest taking the item to the dry cleaners. We recommend doing research and searching for the best and most reliable service provider in your area. Ask family and friends for referrals. After the stain is removed, follow the tag directions for normal maintenance.

Don’t worry about mud stains any longer. You know now how to remove mud from any material. Your family can now play worry-free knowing that afterward their clothes will be safe with the stain removal master.