How to Remove Mold from CarpetCarpets can get moldy for many different reasons. When that happens, it is important to get rid of the mold immediately. Mold exposure poses health risks that should be taken seriously. Act quickly and use our tips for removing mold to stop it from spreading in your home.

Don’t Use Bleach

Bleach will kill mold on hard non-porous surface like glass or countertops. Do not use bleach on porous materials such as wood, drywall, or carpet. The bleach is unable to penetrate the material and kill the mold. Also, if you used bleach on your carpet, it would have huge unsightly bleach stains.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar will work on porous materials. You can apply with a cloth directly to the affected area, or make a spray. You can also combine vinegar with either hydrogen peroxide or baking soda for extra cleaning power to combat staining from mold.

Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural antifungal. Check the label on any oil you buy and make sure it comes from Melaleuca alternifolia. Once you’ve determined you’re using real tea tree oil, combine 1 teaspoon of oil and one cup of water. Either saturate a cloth with this solution or pour into a spray bottle. Apply to the mold.

Note: Tea tree oil is toxic if swallowed. It also can irritate the skin; gloves are recommended while using tea tree oil.

Cleaning Large Fixed Carpet Areas

Rather than removing mold from a large carpeted area, the best thing to do is replace the carpet. Put on gloves, goggles, protective clothing, and a face mask for protection. Pull up the carpeting, place in sealed bags, and throw away immediately. Clean the floor where the carpet once was with 8 parts water and 1 part bleach to kill any mold or mildew that may be growing on the floor.

Cleaning Small Fixed Carpets Areas

If a small portion of the carpet is infected with mold, you can clean it or consider removing it completely. To remove, cut the infected area out of the carpet, place it in a sealed garbage bag, and put it straight into the outside garbage. Replace with a fresh clean piece of carpet. Avoid letting any moisture get into the new carpet.

Consider Hiring a Professional

We recommend hiring a professional to take care of your mold problem. Handling mold can be a dangerous job and professionals have the right equipment to properly and safely remove the mold  from your home. Do some research on professional mold companies before allowing anyone into your home. Ask friends or family if they have referrals.

Removing Mold is Important

If your carpet has mold, use these tips, or better yet, call a professional. In all cases, put your health and safety first and treat mold with the caution and urgency it requires.