How to Organize Toys. Toy organizationWhen you have young children, your home just seems to grow toys. They’re everywhere! Action figures on the kitchen floor, Barbies on the staircase, and those Legos waiting for you to step on them when you least expect it. Use our toy organization tips to regain control and take back your house from the toys.

Zip Pouches

Zip pouches are great for anything with lots of little pieces. They make it easier to keep all the crayons or puzzle pieces together. In addition, the pouches often take up less room than the original boxes which is great for storage and, because of the zipper, they are less prone to spills.

Back-of-the-Door Shoe Holder

Use an over-the-door shoe holder to store Barbies (or other toys). This storage technique is perfect for toys your child might want to display or anything that comes in a set. You can also use the compartments to store the Barbies’ clothes and accessories, making it easy to find anything in a moment.

Bath Toys

It is irritating to look at your bathtub and see a mess of toys. They cover the floor of the tub, but you can’t put them anywhere else without making a big watery mess. Take toy organization to the bathroom! Place a shower rod at the back of the shower and hang hooked shelves from the rod. This stores bath toys and lets them dry in the right place with no clean up necessary.

Storing Legos

Use a clear tub big enough to accommodate your child’s Legos. This is a great way to keep them all in one place. If your child loves building curtain Lego projects over and over again, place these in small plastic bags with the directions, too. That way your child will never lose a piece to a specific project and the directions will be handy.

Clear Storage Bins

While we’re on the subject, clear plastic bins are great for storing tons of things. The perk is you’re able to see inside without having to open them, saving time when looking for certain items or when putting items away.

Hang Artwork

A child can draw numerous pictures a day. Although you love these amazing pictures your child has drawn, you start to run out of places to store them on the fridge. Placing your child’s art inside a picture frame and hanging it on the wall is a great way to display their drawings and save you space as well.

Use a Chalk Drawer

Does your child have a chalkboard, or even a chalkboard wall? Screw drawer handles to the wall beside the chalkboard. These make brilliant storage areas for chalk.

Toy Organization to the Rescue

No more stepping on those awful Legos and yelping in pain! Of course, organization doesn’t just happen; it has to be used. Establish a pick-up routine with your children. Teach them about the organization ideas you’re implementing and ask if they have any creative solutions of their own!