The pantry is a small space trying to hold a lot of things, so it’s hard to keep it clean and organized. However, having an organized pantry is definitely helpful—you know where everything is, you can see and easily throw out what’s expired or never used, and because you throw things out you have more space. It’s win-win-win! It’s also easy to do. Use our tips to make organizing your pantry a breeze.


How to Organize a Pantry


Store Like with Like

Store similar items on the same shelf: baking ingredients (sugar, flour) all together, spices all together, cans, etc. Storing something next to an item it’s commonly used with makes it easy to find everything you need when you start to cook.

Meal Plan

Organize your pantry around your meal plan for the week. Use a basket for each day and label them Sunday-Saturday. Place in each basket the items you’ll need for that evening’s dinner. This is not only a great way to organize, but a great way to motivate you to plan meals ahead of time and save money!

Organize Cans

Cans are great because they are clearly labeled and easy to stack. Designate an area for your cans, then order them so you can clearly see what’s there at a glance.

Under Shelf Baskets

Hang a basket from the underside of a shelf to create extra storage! (These special baskets are available online and at many big-box and department stores.) These baskets are great for bread and other items that get crushed easily. Giving these items their own space keeps them safe and un-squished. Learn how to clean baskets on this post.

Pantry Organization is a Breeze!

The pantry is the closet of the kitchen and it works hard to keep your counters and tables clutter-free. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be a mess. With these organizing tips, it’s easy to keep even the messiest area in your kitchen organized and clean.