A linen closet can easily be chaos and when it is, you can’t find anything. For a closet to be usable, it has to be organized. Read through these tips for ideas on how to keep your closet neat and tidy so you don’t have to duck and run for cover the next time you open the door.


Organizing a Linen Closet


Use Baskets

Baskets are a great way to keep things contained while still looking nice.  Label the baskets according to their contents, e.g. “Towels,” “Guest Blankets,” or “Medicine.” Baskets are also great for this because of their range of sizes and thicknesses. You’ll be able to find the basket type that exactly suits your needs.

Maximize Tight Spaces

Get the most out of your space by rolling your bulky towels instead of folding them. This method of storage takes up less space, leaving you room for more storage. Want to amp up the style factor of your linen closet? Coordinate towels by color. It’ll be a pleasant surprise for any guests that open your closet.

Store Bedding in a Pillow Case

Store all matching bedding together by placing the folded sheet and fitted sheet into the coordinating pillowcase. This will prevent any pieces of the set from getting separated.

Use Step Stools

Having a step stool handy will give you access to items stored up top at a moment’s notice. You can also tuck a small stool in the bottom of your closet to make it easier to grab things up high.

Use the Back of the Door

Attach a wire shelf to the back of your closet door. This increases storage in your closet, and more storage space makes it easier to organize! Store toilet paper, cleaning products, or whatever else hasn’t found a home.

Use Jars

Use glass jars for organizing your Q-tips, cotton balls, bar soap, or other small things. Using transparent glass as storage makes it easy to see exactly what’s there at a glance. Jars are also nice for corralling those small items that tend to get lost.

Read Other Organization Ideas Using Jars

No more having the hassle of trying to find your matching sheets and pillow cases, or rummaging through your medicine trying to find your child’s cough syrup. These tips will save you time when you can open the door and find exactly what you need right away.