How to Organize a Kitchen. Kitchen organizationEver been hit with that “why didn’t I think of that?” feeling? Well, you’re about to be again. We’ve gathered up the best hacks and tricks for kitchen organization. Use these tips to design a kitchen perfect for cooking great meals with ease.

Basic Kitchen Organization Tip

The first thing you need to do to be truly organized is purge. Open your cupboards and throw away expired or unused items. Be harsh! If an item has made a permanent home in the back of a drawer and you have no memory of using it, it won’t get used going forward either. Trashing superfluous items will leave you with more space for organizing the items you actually use.

Use Magazine Holders

Old magazine holders are wonderful for holding boxes, like those containing plastic sandwich baggies, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc. They’re cheap and look a lot better than all those boxes jumbled in a pile.

Extra Shelves for Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, you need to max out your space. If you have any open space, add a shelf. You can use these shelves to store small items, items that won’t fit into your cupboards, or items that you use often and want very accessible. Regardless of what you store there, expanding storage space will make finding what you need when you need it much easier.

The Back of Your Doors

Your kitchen probably has a lot of cabinets. The backs of all those cabinet doors adds up to a lot of space not being used. So use it! One of our favorite uses for this space is storage for utensils or measuring cups. All you need to do is install hooks! You can also get fancy and first install a chalkboard or paint the back of the door with chalkboard paint. That way you can easily label your storage. You can also use the chalkboard to write yourself reminders, recipes, measuring conversions, etc.

Use Dividers

Hate having to dig through all your cupboards just to find the right pan? Dividers work well for keeping pans and baking dishes well organized. Place them in a cupboard to keep from getting a pan mess.

Use a Rolling Cart

If you’ve completely used up the storage space in your cupboards and have tried every trick in the book to optimize your space, what you might need to do is just get more space. Small rolling carts for the kitchen are affordable ways to expand the storage space in your kitchen instantly. Use them to store spice, oddball utensils, or any miscellaneous items.

Your kitchen is a workspace and you can’t work in clutter. It’s distracting to dig through drawers or search through cabinets. Keeping a kitchen organized will help you maneuver more easily and work more quickly. Kitchen organization is important for any cook worth their salt!