The refrigerator can get very messy. Spills, spoiled products, and stinky food scraps are all common problems. You can clean your refrigerator, but the best way to combat its chronic problems is to clean and organize. Organization makes your fridge easily navigable and means food won’t go to waste anymore because it’s all easily accessible. No more buying a jar of jelly only to find you already have two unopened ones! Save money, time, and ensure the cleanliness of your food all at the same time with these fridge organization tips.


The refrigerator already comes with an organization system inside of it, so most people don’t think about adding more. However, if it will help you, why not? Place baskets or divider trays inside your fridge to create more discrete spaces. This allows you to sort your food into smaller, more specific categories, and discourages you from putting food just anywhere it will fit. Adding your own organization tools is also an opportunity to add some color or personal style inside your fridge.

How to Organize a Fridge


If baskets are too bulky, you can achieve a similar effect just with labels. Mark out certain spaces for particular foods. That way everyone in the house knows where to put something away after grocery shopping, and where to look for it when they want it.

If you do use the baskets, labeling them might be a helpful way to emphasize and clarify your organization system.

Milk Storage

Do not store milk on the door. Studies have shown that the temperature fluctuates on the door. This can make the milk go bad faster or develop bacteria that could make you sick. Store the milk on a shelf inside the fridge.

Meat Storage

Store raw meat at the bottom of the fridge. If any juice from the meat spills or drips, meat at the bottom of the fridge cannot contaminate the rest of the food. Store on the bottom shelf or in the bins at the very bottom, away from the other food.

Have Extra 6-pack Boxes?

A quick fix is to use a 6-pack container to organize the shelves on the door. Put water bottles, wine, condiments, etc. inside the openings to keep them organized.

Fridge Organization for the Win!

Now your fridge is picture-perfect, safe, and easy to use. If you want the beauty of a well-thought-out and clean fridge, but don’t have the time for fridge organization, call your local house cleaning service and see if they can help you with this task.