A bookshelf can store romance, history, mystery….including the mystery of how simple shelves can be so messy! Bookshelves are storage, but they’re also decorative. They should add to the room, not just sit in it. Below are some ways to clean and organize your bookshelf so it looks intelligent and glamorous.


How to Organize a Bookshelf


Use Empty Spaces

Empty space on your shelves is boring. Add framed pictures to make them look good. Choose some good pictures and even paint the frames to add a fun visual element to your books. You can also use family heirlooms or knickknacks.


Add Some Color

Picture frames not enough? Go color-crazy by painting the whole thing! Paint your bookshelf a color that complements the room it’s in. Make it a subtle accent or a bold focus point.


Organize by Category

Books don’t have to be alphabetical! Organize your collection in a way that makes the most sense to you. A common organization scheme is by category: cookbooks, novels, essays, etc.. You could also organize in order of the date you bought the book, or in order of the book’s publishing date. Whatever you choose, just make sure it is truly convenient for you and will help you find the right book every time.


Bookshelf in the Bathroom?

Do you have a lovely bookshelf you want to use, but not many books? If you have the room, put it in the bathroom and use it to store towels or lotions. This is a great way to keep things organized in the bathroom if you have no need for a bookshelf elsewhere.


Speed Dust

Want to dust your books in a hurry? Get out your step stool and a hair dryer. Starting at the top shelf with the dryer on its highest cold setting, blow the dust off the tops and spines of the books. Do this for every shelf. Then, starting back at the top, use a microfiber or other dust-grabbing cloth and wipe up the dust you just blew off the books. Move a few books at a time to get the space behind them. Dust anything left over, including the top of the bookcase, and you’re done!

If you love books, you’re probably always buying more. Having a smart way of organizing your books gives you space to store more! Display your collection in a way that makes the rest of the room look great. Remember that if you don’t want to do the dusting yourself, you can call your local maid service to come do it for you.