The bathroom fills up with clutter faster than any room in the house. It would be nice if you could open up your bathroom closet without towels falling out or find your chapstick before digging through five drawers of stuff. Here are a few ways to achieve bathroom organization while also sprucing things up a little!


Bathroom Organization


Medicine Cabinets

Go through your cabinet and throw away any outdated prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, or cosmetics (those expire, too!)

Did you know that moisture can ruin medicine? If your medications look like they have been affected by the damp, moving them into the kitchen may be a good idea, or you can keep items in a drier place, maybe under the bathroom sink in labeled storage bins.



Using drawer dividers like wooden boxes or trays can help you organize items neatly. Choose an organization scheme that makes sense to you—size, material, use, color. Just pick a tactic and clean up that clutter.


Towel Bars

Bathroom organization is about making use of limited space and towel bars are perfect for just that. If you already have towel bars, but still have more towels than space, maybe try a “hidden” towel bar and install one behind your bathroom door to make the most out of your bathroom space.


Cloth Caddies

A caddy is a great way to clear off your bathroom counter tops. Hang a caddy on your bathroom wall or the back of your door to store lotions, toothbrushes, hair brushes, straighteners, blow dryers, or anything else that is cluttering up your counter.


Soap in a Sea Sponge

Tired of bar soap that shrinks away to an unusable shred? Or soap scum? Here’s a way to use every last bit of that soap while eliminating soap scum on your soap’s resting place in the shower. Grab a sea sponge and a knife. Slice into the center of the sponge and insert soap shards. Get the sponge wet and lather it up. The soap will stay in place until it shrinks away, adhering to the fibers of the sea sponge.


Wine Racks for Towels

If you have a large bathroom counter, you’ll have room for this towel storage trick that’s clever and visually exciting. Place a wine rack on your bathroom counter. Roll your hand towels up and place them in the holes in the wine rack. Now you have an elegant abundance of towels for your guests.


Decorative Jars

Store bath salts, bar soap, and many other things in unique jars or containers you find while shopping. This is an opportunity to show your personality and add a lot of character and charm to your bathroom.


Crafty Storage

Two plates and a candlestick holder are all you need to create storage and a display. If you have these things lying around and you’re tired of them, this is a great way to recycle. If not, hit up the dollar store.

First superglue the bottom of the candlestick holder onto the center of one plate. Hold for a few minutes and wait until it dries. Then glue the bottom of the second plate to the top of the candlestick holder. Press and wait until it dries. After the glue dries you have a holder for rings, make-up, soap, or anything else on your countertop that doesn’t have a home. Go with plates of different sizes (the biggest on bottom) to create a tiered effect, add more plates for more layers,  or use antique plates with unique patterns…the design possibilities are endless.


Bathroom Organization Can Be Fun!

Organization doesn’t have to be staid and boring. Organizing can be an opportunity to be creative and make a space feel like your own. Use these ideas as a starting point to make your bathroom organization systematic and stylish.