How to Clean SuedeSuede is a leather made from the underside of animal skin, primarily goat, deer, or lamb. It is softer and more delicate than regular leather. It also quickly becomes dirty, so if you have suede belongings you should know the proper way to clean them. Learn how to maintain this beautiful fabric and always have clean suede.

Don’t Use Water

Don’t let your suede articles get wet and don’t use water to clean them. Water will stain your suede. If you use water to clean, you’re actually just creating a bigger problem!

Remove Stains

You can remove stains by using tools specifically made for cleaning suede. They should be available and cheap at any big-box store. Start by using a suede brush in one direction to remove loose dirt. Then brush a little harder. Brushing alone may take care of the stain. Smaller scuff marks can also be taken care of with a fingernail file.

If brushing doesn’t work, your tool kit likely came with a suede eraser. Use this to remove the stained fibers. If your stain is still there, you can saturate a clean white cloth with vinegar or rubbing alcohol and apply that to the stain.

Remove Oil Stains

It’s easy to get body oils on suede clothing or furniture, but luckily it can be taken care of easily. Use a degreaser made for suede to remove stubborn oil stains.

Use Vinegar

After scrubbing and brushing your suede all over, it may look roughed-up. Use a soft cloth to rub vinegar or alcohol into the suede all over. Use a buffing motion. This will freshen up your suede and make it look new again.

Prevent Damage

Never store suede in plastic. Suede needs to breathe and storing in airtight plastic will cause damage. Instead, cover your suede items with a cloth or blanket when storing them.

Also, like any other fabric, do not store suede in a dark enclosed place while damp. This increases the chances that mold will grow on your suede.

Enjoy the Elegance of Clean Suede

Suede is a luxurious fabric. You can tell from its beauty and its finickiness when it comes to care and maintenance. Use our tips to help you keep your suede as gorgeous as the day you bought it.