There’s a lot to love with recycled glass countertops: they’re earth-friendly, durable, and beautiful. Of course, proper upkeep is required to keep these surfaces looking their best. Luckily  it’s easy. Read our pointers to find out exactly what to do.


How to Clean Recycled Glass Countertops


How to Clean

The best way to clean a recycled glass surface is simply to wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. You can clean with warm water mixed with a small amount of mild soap as often as necessary to maintain a clean surface.


Things Not to Use

Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. This includes paint removers, Comet, polish remover, toilet or oven cleaners. These products can damage the countertop. It is also recommended that you clean recycled glass with low-acidity cleaners and use a cutting board when dealing with food that has citric acid, e.g. lemons. Search our cleaning tips for alternative cleaning options for your countertops and other areas around your home.


How to Remove Grease

Remove grease easily with a degreasing product. Choose one that is safe for recycled glass. Spray the degreaser on the surface of the countertop and use a clean cloth to wipe the grease away.


How to Clean Recycled Glass Countertops



It’s easy to keep up on cleanings. All that is needed are quick daily wipe-downs with disinfecting wipes or warm soapy water. Spot clean as needed. If a spill happens, immediately wipe up the spot and clean with soapy water.


Keeping Recycled Glass Clean is Easy

Just a few wipe downs and a little vigilance when it comes to spills and your recycled glass will be “green” for the environment and make your guests green with envy. If you don’t have time to clean, ask your local house cleaning service to help you. Explore our green cleaning solutions to find a safe cleaner for your countertops.