How to Clean Outdoor Light FixturesOutdoor lighting is essential. Keeping a home well-lit keeps it safe, and it’s also important to have outdoor lighting while playing in the backyard on those warm summer nights. Since every home has outdoor light fixtures, it’s good to have basic tips on how to clean them. We have gathered up a few ways to keep outdoor light fixtures well-maintained.


Safety is a must when cleaning items that have electricity running to them. Remember to turn off power to your lights before cleaning to prevent getting shocked. Also, when you remove the light bulb, do not get water in or around the light socket.  This could damage the fixture and may shock you as well.

Stay Away from Chemical Cleaners

Don’t use chemical cleaning products on your outdoor light fixtures unless recommended by the light manufacturer. Using chemical cleaners on outdoor light fixtures will make them appear dull.

Use Soft Cloths and Soapy Water

A soft cloth is the best way to clean outdoor light fixtures. A little bit of soapy water and a scrub down should be all that your outdoor light fixture needs. A toothbrush works well for fixtures with difficult nooks and intricate patterns.

Keep Bugs Away

Bugs love outdoor light fixtures, but there are ways to keep them away. In a plastic sandwich bag add bay leaves, nutmeg, caraway seeds, and ground clove. Zip the bag closed. Poke holes in the bag small enough so that the contents won’t spill. Hang the bag near the light and your bug problem will go away.

Outdoor Light Fixtures For Better Nights

Homeowners feel safer walking to their door at night with a well-lit walkway or porch. Bright lights let you stay out later on those magical summer evenings. Clearly it’s important to have outdoor lighting. To ensure best quality, weekly cleanings are recommended for outdoor lighting fixtures.