linoleum flooringLinoleum flooring is similar to wood in that it’s durable and a great material for floors. However, it isn’t indestructible. Learn what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to taking good care of your linoleum floors.

How to Naturally Clean Linoleum

Vinegar is a good way to naturally clean and sanitize your laminate without harsh chemicals. Most of the time white vinegar is used for cleaning. However, when it comes to cleaning floors, apple cider vinegar is the go-to as it won’t dull the finish on your floors.

In a bucket add warm water and apple cider vinegar and stir together. Using a mop of your choice, scrub the entire linoleum flooring in an up-and-down motion until all dirt and grime is gone. Let it air dry or dry with a towel.

Note: Linoleum flooring is resistant to moisture, but can be affected by it. Prevent excess moisture. This is especially important if the linoleum is located in the bathroom or any other place that is persistently damp.

How to Polish

Want your linoleum to have that picture-perfect sheen? While doing the above step, simply add a few drops of baby oil into the mop bucket as well.

Daily Cleaning

A daily sweep is a great way to keep dirt and debris off linoleum flooring. Also, spot clean as needed. This keeps your floor maintained and germ-free.

New Installation

If you are new to linoleum flooring and just had it installed, there are a few extra things to keep in mind for the first couple of days. First, do not use machines to wash your new linoleum floors. Second, do not clean it using a wet mop. The water will cause the adhesive to come loose and could ruin the seam. This would cause the flooring to rise and require a flooring company’s services to fix the problem.

Linoleum Flooring is Easy to Clean

As long as you use these simple tricks, your linoleum will stay clean and beautiful for years. If you can’t fit these chores into your schedule, have a professional house cleaning service do them for you!