How to Clean LaminateLaminate is a very popular countertop material. It brings anyone that purchases it years of quality performance and it’s easy to maintain. However, if you don’t know how to care for laminate properly, you could diminish its lifespan and dull the surface. Read these tips on how to clean laminate to ensure your surfaces endure for years to come.

How to Clean

Unlike some materials, you have some flexibility with laminate. You can clean with bleach, vinegar, disinfecting wipes, or even just basic warm soapy water. Wash your counter with any of these products or solutions with a sponge or rag until clean. Dry with a clean cloth after. Caution: Do not clean laminate countertops with scouring pads, scouring powder, or steel wool. These abrasives will leave micro-scratches on the surface and make future stains more likely.

How to Remove Stains

Baking soda will remove any stain from a laminate countertop. First make a paste from baking soda and water. Then apply the paste to the stain and let that sit for about ten minutes. You want to prevent the paste from hardening (if it does it will no longer be able to soak up the stain), so place a wet paper towel over it. After ten minutes, wipe the paste off and then dry.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintaining a laminate countertop is simple. Just be sure to always dry up any liquids on the counter. Letting any type of cleaner or water sit on a laminate countertop, especially near the edges or seams, will allow liquid to seep under the surface. This will weaken the adhesive and damage the counter top.

Also, protect your counter from heat damage. Keep hot pots or pans from touching your countertop by using potholders and trivets.

Getting Clean Laminate Counters is Easy

Don’t let countertop maintenance go by the wayside. Counters can be places where bacteria thrive, so cleaning is a must. However, with the knowledge you have now, countertop cleaning and laminate maintenance will be easy-peasy.