How to Keep a Clean House with a BabyKeeping a clean house with a baby around can be difficult. However, there are some ways new parents can make it easier. Enjoy these tips on how to juggle child care, house cleaning, and staying sane all at the same time.


Your baby comes first. You can always put off chores until your child is well-cared for and happy. Your second priority is you. If you can’t get something done without stressing out, let it go. Write it down so it gets done later. Daily chores that keep your house running are important, but they definitely come last during this crazy time in your life.

Keep a Schedule

Stay organized to keep on top of things. Make a daily to-do list and post it on the fridge or another central highly-visible location. Be realistic about what you can get done in a day so you don’t get discouraged. If you don’t tackle everything on the list, don’t worry. There’s always tomorrow.


Make your time do double-duty. For example, just because a mom is breastfeeding doesn’t mean she can’t get up and walk around. Make sure the child’s head is secure and don’t make sudden movements that could scare the baby or upset their stomach. Once mom and the baby are settled, they’re free to roam and clean house as needed. Also try to combine work with fun. Watch TV or listen to an audiobook while folding laundry or changing a diaper. There are lots of ways to multitask. Be creative and find whatever works best for you.

Use a Baby Carrier

Trying to find time to exercise and work off pregnancy weight? Make your child part of the workout! Strap on a baby carrier and do some chores around the house. Ten or more extra pounds will get your heart rate up for sure. This is especially great for children that get upset when they’re not being held.

Caution: Read the directions and entire manual before using a baby carrier. Always make sure the child is properly strapped in. There is a weight limit on baby carriers, so make sure to check your child’s weight before using.

Use the High Chair

If you baby is old enough to sit upright, use the high chair to help throughout the day. The chair can be used to occupy and secure the baby when they’re not using it to eat. Place them inside as you do normally and put some safe toys on their tray. Now you can clean some dishes or cook with your baby nearby and safe. Play some music and dance while you work to entertain your baby (and yourself!) and let your child know they haven’t been forgotten.

Caution: Never leave your child unattended in a high chair. Always stay where you can see them. Never use a high chair near a staircase as the chair could accidentally get bumped and fall.

Ask For Help

When there just simply isn’t enough time, get help. Being a new parent is hard, and family and friends will understand. Invite people over to play with your baby while you cook, or clean, or even take a nap!

The Easiest Way to Have a Clean House with a Baby?

You want a happy baby, your own sanity, and a clean home. You also don’t want to impose too much on your friends and family. Remember, you can also get a local maid service to help! Forget about cleaning completely and focus only on your family during this wonderful time.