How to Clean Hardwood FloorsYou know it’s time to clean your hardwood floors when you walk over them and the bottoms of your feet collect dirt and debris. Cleaning hardwood floors is an effortless task that can be done quickly. Use these cleaning tips to maintain beautiful clean hardwood floors.

How to Clean Wood Floors

Cleaning wood floors is so simple you could have your 4 year old do it for you. To clean a wood floor,  wipe with a microfiber pad or cloth to trap any dirt or debris that may be lingering on your floor. Doing this once daily is a good way to keep your wood floors from getting overly dirty.

Never Get Wood Floors Too Wet

You should never get your wood floors wet. If you need to clean up any spills or food debris, wipe right away with a barely damp cloth and dry immediately afterward. You can also mist your wood floors with a spray bottle very lightly and wipe them with a microfiber floor mop.

Products Not to Use on Wood Floors

You should never ever use white vinegar or ammonia on hardwood floors. These products will eat away any kind of wood sealing or coating from the floor, which can make your floor dull and lifeless. Apple cider vinegar is often used instead of white vinegar to clean hardwood floors.

Buff Wood Floors

Diapers are a great way to buff wood floors. Simply rub the diaper on the wood floor in a buffing motion. These work well because diapers are absorbent and soft.

How to Wax Hardwood Floors

You will need to get a floor stripper and hardwood floor wax before waxing your hardwood floors. First strip the old wax from the hardwood floor. Wipe the wood with the stripper of your choice and wipe off with a clean cloth. Apply a thin coat of wax onto the hardwood floors. If you are using a liquid wax, apply with an applicator or a cloth. Let the first coat dry and then apply a second coat on top of the first coat. Then dry the floor and buff with a cloth. Consider renting a buffing machine for this task. Buff in the direction of the wood grain.

It’s Easy to Have Clean Hardwood Floors

We told you it was simple. Sweeping, mopping, and buffing are easy tasks and they have big rewards. Clean hardwood floors are classic and make a room look beautiful and sophisticated. If you just don’t have enough time to maintain clean hardwood floors, consider calling a local house cleaning service to help you out.