How to Clean Glass SurfacesIt can be tricky to get clean glass. Often in the cleaning process, the glass gets dirty with lint or winds up with streaks. There are lots of ways to get glass streak-free and beautiful. Use our tips to get truly clean glass.

Use the Right Chemicals

There are lots of decisions in the glass cleaning process, the first of which is what cleaning solution you’ll use. A vinegar-water solution is easy to make and does wonders when it comes to glass cleaning. To make your own cleaning solution, combine 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon vinegar, and 1 cup of rubbing alcohol. Of course, you can also use a conventional glass cleaner as well.

Use the Right Cloths

Paper towels are perhaps the most common tool for cleaning glass surfaces. Some people find they work; others find they leave lint behind on their glass, making them look dirty. Left-behind lint is also possible with cotton cloths or toilet paper. Using newspaper will leave your glass sparkling while also recycling. You can also use a lint-free cloth or, if you have one, a squeegee.

Get Rid of Streaks

Dab a cotton ball or clean cloth into rubbing alcohol. Spot clean the streaks by rubbing the saturated cloth on the streak. The streak will vanish from any glass surface.

Work Rapidly

The quicker you clean your glass surfaces the better. The cleaning solutions will dry quickly, making it more likely the glass will get streaks. Have all your cleaning supplies ready before you start cleaning. That way you have everything you need and can work at a fast pace to prevent streaks.

The Outside of Windows

Cleaning the inside of your windows is an easy task, but the outside can be more challenging. Using a squeegee is an awesome way to clean windows on the outside. Spray the cleaner of your choice on your window, clean, then remove excess cleaner with the squeegee.

Cleaning glass surfaces may not be the most difficult task, but it can be a tedious one. If you can’t stand the thought of wiping windows one more time, consider hiring a house cleaning service to handle them for you. With a cleaning service, you can look out a streak-free window without ever getting your hands dirty.