How to Clean Fish TankThe fish tank is one of those places that will always need continual maintenance. If you don’t have a clean fish tank, its inhabitants will get sick. Make sure your fish friends stay happy by following this guide to keeping your fish tank clean, safe, and healthy.

First Steps

Unplug the tank’s electrical devices. Slowly and carefully, remove tank decorations and set them aside in a sink or on a towel. (If you just yank them up, you’ll stir up lots of fish waste.)

Gather Up Supplies

Gather up all the supplies you are going to need to clean the fish tank. This will likely include:

  • Cleaning cloth
  • Bucket
  • Siphon
  • Thermometer

Remove the Water

Remove some of your water using a siphon vacuum. This will be available at any pet store. Never remove more than 75% of the water in your tank. This will rob your fish of bacteria they need. How much water to remove depends on how often you clean and the health of your fish. If you clean regularly and your fish are healthy, change 10-20%. If you clean less regularly or your fish are ill, go for 25-50%.

Clean the Inside of the Glass

Once you’ve removed some water, you can clean the sides of your tank. You especially will want to do this if algae has been blocking your view of your pretty fish. Scrub the algae off with a pad or cloth. Do not use any cleaning tool that has been used to clean other things around the house. An already-used sponge or cloth might contain cleaning product residue that will contaminate the water and harm the fish.

Clean the Gravel

Clean the fish tank gravel or, if it is very dirty, replace it. To clean, push the siphon gravel vacuum through the gravel. It will remove the fish waste and other gunk.

Clean the Decorations

Rinse off the fish tank decorations. If they are algae-covered, scrub them with a never-used toothbrush. When you’ve finished, put them back in the tank.

Add Fresh Water

Use a thermometer to make sure the water you’re adding is close to the temperature of the tank water. If needed, treat the water with a conditioner and an aquarium salt. Then plug in all the electrical devices you unplugged.

A Clean Fish Tank Means Happy Fish!

A clean fish tank means you’re being a good pet owner and keeping up on your home’s accessories, all at once. Watch the water for a few hours to see if it’s cloudy or it needs further attention. Enjoy your sparkling clean aquarium.