How to Clean Cloudy GlassDo you have cloudy glass or crystal hiding in your cupboard? That cloudiness is caused by calcium build-up and it can easily be removed in a few different ways. Below we guide you through how to remove cloudiness from your glass or crystal. Use our methods and you’ll be able to show off your beautiful glassware once again.

Remove Jewelry

It’s a good idea to remove any rings or heavy dangling bracelets from your hands. The jewelry could chip the glass or crystal while cleaning.

Use Toothpaste

The cloudy stains will react to toothpaste. Rinse the glass to remove accumulated dust. Grab a toothbrush and toothpaste and give your glass a good brushing. Clean the outside and inside, or the top and bottom. The cloudiness will be gone and the glass will sparkle like new.

Use Vinegar

Don’t want to waste your toothpaste? Fill a large bowl with white vinegar. Dip the glassware inside and scrub with a sponge. Rinse and set on a drying rack or dry with a paper towel. It’s that easy!

Maintain Shiny Glass

After you have cleaned your glassware or crystal, you now want to properly maintain these items so the cloudiness doesn’t come back. If these items are dishwasher safe, consider adding a few drops of vinegar into the dish washing soap before starting a cycle. The vinegar will keep the glass from getting any water spots or cloudiness and will make the glass shine when the cycle has finished. (Crystal and hand-blown or delicate glass should never go in the dishwasher. Always hand wash these items.)

No More Cloudy Glass!

Your glassware now looks how it was meant to: beautiful and impressive. Keep your glass and crystal looking gorgeous with proper, regular maintenance. You should only need to use these tips every month or so to maintain the glass or crystal.