It’s rare that the movies get something right, but they’re not far off the mark when it comes to attics: dark, cobwebs, lots of boxes, maybe a broken mirror and creepy dolls (alright, those last two are mainly Hollywood, but it could happen). Of course every home is different, but many of us do have cluttered attics where things are left to collect dust and never be seen again. Let’s break tradition and restore sense, organization, and cleanliness to the room upstairs. Let’s get a clean attic.


A clean attic makes a statement


Get Rid of Stuff

The first rule of your new clean attic is no junk! Decide on a certain amount that you want to get rid of (7 boxes, 50% of everything, whatever works) before even looking in your attic. Then go through everything and make yourself get rid of it!

Another way to empty out the attic is to bring items in it back into your life. If you find nostalgic items with good memories and you decide to keep them, don’t just put them back in their box where you’ll see them again in 10 years. Do something with them! Here are some ideas:

  • Create a scrapbook for old letters
  • Restyle old clothes
  • Display knickknacks, figurines, etc. in a shadow box

Also, it never hurts to remember that there have been many surprising and valuable finds in attics. If you come across something you think might be valuable that you don’t want anymore, have an expert check it out before you give it away. You never know!



A clean attic needs organization. So you’ve decided what’s going back into storage. Clean these items and let them dry completely before putting them back in storage. Then, if they weren’t already, place your items in clearly-labeled waterproof storage bins. Stack neatly.


Dust and Sweep

You can’t just move stuff around and call it clean. If possible, clean the attic itself. Dust and sweep all the surfaces. If it is very dusty, consider wearing protective gear so you don’t breathe in irritating particles.


Clean Windows

If your attics has windows, clean these too. Use a rag to dust and knock down cobwebs. Then use your favorite window cleaner to clean the window how you normally would. If mold has grown on your window, check out our page on How to Remove Mold from Windows to see how to fix it.


Welcome to Your Clean Attic!

It takes effort to get up there and tackle a dirty attic, but it’s worth the effort. Knowing your attic is clean and that you have in your home only what you need is a wonderful feeling. Check back every year or so to make sure you don’t let stuff pile back up.