How to Clean a ToasterDoes your toaster emit a burning smell when you use it? If so, it’s probably dirty. Your poor toaster does a lot for you, toasts anything you want toasted. Do something for your toaster for a change. Learn how to clean this appliance in four easy steps and stop being the owner of a neglected toaster.

Toaster Cleaning Safety

Safety comes first when cleaning items that use electricity. It is very important electronics are unplugged before cleaning. This ensures you cannot get shocked. Also, the toaster’s heating elements should be cool before cleaning. You can burn yourself if you try and clean while they are still hot. Remember these pointers to stay safe while cleaning!

Step One

Unplug the appliance and check to see if it is completely cool. If it’s not cool, then wait until it is before continuing.

Step Two

Underneath is a crumb tray. Slide out/open the crumb tray and empty the loose crumbs into a garbage can. If crumbs begin to pile up, they’ll cause a burning smell every time you use the toaster, so make sure to empty all the crumbs from the tray.

Step Three

If there are stubborn crumbs stuck on the tray, scrub with a toothbrush. Make a solution of warm soapy water, dip the toothbrush in, then scrub the tray until it is crumb-free. Dry the tray.

Step Four

Carefully hold the appliance upside down and gently shake it over a trash can. Do not shake vigorously as this could dislodge something important. This should remove anything that got stuck inside the appliance before it could make it all the way to the crumb tray. You can also use a can of compressed air to blast out any stuck-on crumbs. Be careful not to let anything from the can drip inside the toaster, though. The can contains some chemicals you would not want near your food. If you go for this second method, be prepared for food flying at your face!

Toasters are probably the easiest appliance to clean in your home.  There’s no excuse for not taking care of the little guy! Take a few moments, clean out the crumb tray, and get your toaster running efficiently again. Toasters only require cleaning every one or two months, depending on use.