Isn’t is wonderful to relax in a cozy recliner after a long day? It feels great to put your feet up, get some snacks, and watch TV for a bit. That is, until you spill your drink all over your clean recliner. If your recliner has had a similar mishap, or it just needs freshening up, follow our tips to get a clean recliner that looks like new.


How to Clean a Recliner and clean recliner


How to Clean

First you will need to vacuum the recliner. Vacuum the seat as well as underneath and in the cracks of the recliner. Then, fill a spray bottle with warm soapy water and spray the recliner. Wipe down with a clean soft cloth.


Leather Recliners

Wet a towel and wipe the entire surface of the leather. Make sure not to get the surface too wet as that will dull the leather. Buff the leather dry with a clean dry cloth. You can also use a leather protector product to keep the leather fresh.


Microfiber Recliner

It’s important to check the tag of any microfiber fabric you are going to clean. Here’s a guide to the cleaning options the tag will present:

W: Okay to use water.
S: Only use a solvent-based cleaner on fabric.
SW: Solvent-based cleaners and water are both okay.
X: Only use a vacuum for cleaning.

We cover this topic more fully in our article How to Clean Upholstery.



To remove odors, sprinkle baking soda on your recliner. Wait 15 minutes, then vacuum the baking soda back up. The baking soda will soak up the odors from the recliner and make it smell fresh and clean.


Clean Recliner Heaven

Now, not only can you kick back and relax, but you can do so in a clean chair instead of a filthy one. Relaxation is that much more blissful when you know you’re not sitting in muck. Maintain your recliner to keep a hold of this feeling, prevent deeper, more time consuming cleanings, and prolong the life of your chair.