How to Clean a LampHas your lamp become yellow and dusty? Thinking of buying a new one? No need to waste money on a new lampshade. Lampshades are easy to clean—no elbow grease required. Remove the yellow from your lampshade with these tricks.

Cotton, Silk, Linen, or Synthetic Lampshades

First, remove the lampshade from the lamp. Vacuum the surface of the shade to remove loose dust and dirt. Fill a bathtub (or, if you have one the right size, a bucket) with water and add a little mild dish or laundry soap. Dunk the shade in the water. Swish it around or lightly scrub it with a soft clean cloth. If the water turns dirty before the shade is clean, empty and refill your container with clean water. Continue until your shade is clean.

Laminate or Plastic Lampshades

Remove the lamp shade from the lamp. In a bowl combine 1/4 cup a mild soap of your choice and 3 tablespoons of warm water. Using a mixer, mix the water and soap until it becomes a foam. Dip a clean cloth into the foam and scrub the lamp thoroughly inside and out. Rinse with clean water and let drip dry on a cloth or blot the lampshade dry with a clean cloth.

Use Lint Rollers

How to Clean a Lamp - Maids by TradeLint rollers work well for removing dust on a lampshade. Take the lint roller and roll over the inside and outside of the lampshade surface. Repeat as needed to remove all the dust and debris.


Most of the time a good dusting a couple times a week is all that is needed to properly clean your lamp. Use a feather duster to dust lamps or use a vacuum to dust the lampshade.

Can’t Get the Lamp Shade Completely Clean?

If you just can’t get your lampshade like new, consider taking it to the dry cleaners. Yes, they should clean it for you. You can also contact a professional house cleaning company and see if they can help you with this chore.