How to Clean a Hot TubA dip in a hot tub fits almost every mood. Need some quiet after-work relaxing? Want to throw a great party? The hot tub is perfect for these things and everything in between. However, it’s only awesome when it’s clean. Clean and maintain your hot tub so you can keep the good times rolling.

Read the Owner’s Manual

How you clean your hot tub will depend on its individual features. The Owner’s Manual will state how to properly clean your appliance. Make sure you read through your manual carefully.

Clean the Inside

First, clean the plumbing of your hot tub with a product called a line flush. This product will be available at pool supply stores. Read the bottle for instructions for that specific line flush, but the basic gist will be: add the recommended amount to a hot tub in operation, wait the recommended period of time, then drain your tub using the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once you’ve flushed the gunk and have got an empty tub, wipe down the interior. Check with the manufacturer’s instructions. Sometimes an all-purpose cleaner is okay, sometimes it’s not and a specialty cleaner is needed. Whichever you use, spray on, wipe down, and rinse.

(When you’re ready to refill the hot tub, don’t forget to add your shock chemicals and allow your water to settle for 12 hours. Test your chemicals and pH to make sure your water is safe before using.)

Clean the Filters

How to Clean a Hot Tub. Great maintenance tips for hot tubs from Maids by TradeTo clean a hot tub filter, first remove it and spray off loose dirt with a garden hose. Then soak the filter in a bucket filled with water and a little spa cleaner. Let the filter soak awhile so the cleaner can dislodge trapped dirt and gunk. You should clean the filter once a month to ensure the filter runs properly, and replace it every year.

Clean the Cover

The cover is exposed to the most dirt and sunlight, potentially making it the dirtiest part of your hot tub. However, it might be the easiest to clean. All you need to do is wipe it down with a clean sponge or cloth. Don’t forget the underside! The hot tub-side definitely needs to be cleaned too. Spray with a hose and let it dry.

Clean the Outside

Most people forget to clean this part, but we’re here to remind you. Wipe down the outside with a clean damp towel. If it is very dirty, use soapy water to clean the outside surface. Remember to dry with a clean cloth so no water spots are left behind.


If you plan on using your tub in winter, nothing extra needs to be done. Keep it running and just make sure the cover is on securely so it is properly insulated. If you will not be using your tub or are leaving for an extended period of time, follow your manufacturer’s instructions on how to winterize your tub.

A Clean Hot Tub is A Happy Hot Tub

There’s no doubt that hot tubs require maintenance, but owners agree it’s worth it. With proper maintenance, a hot tub will last you a lifetime. Keep your pool clean with these tips so that you can always have a place to sit back and let the worries slip away.