The dining room is the place where your family shares. Food, highlights of the day, and just time together are all part of the dining room ritual. This room needs to be a welcoming and comfortable space, which means at the very least it must be clean. Use our guide to keep your dining room cozy and pleasant.


How to Clean a Dining Room



Dust any furniture in the dining room. Dust especially loves to settle into cloth and fiber, so if you have fabric on your chairs or a tablecloth, run a vacuum attachment over these items. When it’s time to dust the china, be extra careful.



Vacuum the carpet or rug and the blinds or curtains. These things collect a lot of dust, especially the blinds if the windows are often open. Weekly cleaning is a great way to keep the dust to a minimum.


Clean the Chairs

At some point the dining room chairs will need a good scrubbing, especially if there are children in the house. Check the label to see what can be used to clean your chairs. We cover upholstery cleaning more fully in a different Cleaning Tip.


Clean the Table Dining Room

Remove anything on the table. Spray the surface with a disinfectant and wipe down with a clean cloth. Replace the items after the table has dried.


Getting a Clean Dining Room is Easy!

It’s a quick and easy job to clean the dining room. Make it even more efficient and thorough by creating a cleaning list before you start. That way you’ll know exactly what to do, when to do it, and make sure nothing gets left out. You can also contact your local maid service and ask them to help with this and other cleaning chores.

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