How to Have a Clean DeckA deck is constantly exposed to the elements and gets very dirty as a result. A dirty deck brings down the image of the whole rest of the house, so learn how to get a clean deck and keep it looking presentable all year long.

Clean Sweep

Remove everything on the deck, then sweep up debris. If there is gunk in between the slits of your wood, use a butter knife or other slim utensil to remove it. Do this before washing to prevent mud!


Sometimes a good hose down is all that is needed. If that’s the case, get out your garden hose and spray away. However, you might have rings from flower pots, chair marks, mold, algae, or other tough spots to contend with. For these, get out the pressure washer. (You can rent if you don’t own.) If your deck is painted, be careful not to get the spray so close that it removes the paint.


Years in the weather can take a toll on a deck. If the deck is painted, over time the paint might start to chip, dull, and look unattractive. When your deck gets to this point, it’s easy to repaint! Here are some quick pointers on how to do it:

  • Choose a day with good weather conditions for this job. This doesn’t just mean a day with no rain; also keep away from days that are very windy or hot. These extremes can cause paint to actually dry too quickly, which means it won’t fully form its usual protective film.
  • If your paint is flaky or crumbly, remove it with, you guessed it, a power washer. Painting over old flaky paint will just cause your new paint to look bad very quickly.
  • Once the surface is dry, paint your deck!
  • Apply a sealant after the paint has dried. This will give your paint job an even longer lifespan.

Do Summer Right with a Clean Deck

With these steps, your deck will be the envy of the neighborhood. Your whole backyard is made into an oasis with a clean sleek-looking deck. Perform regular maintenance on your deck to keep it looking great.