How to Clean a ChalkboardWhen you write on a chalkboard, you’re basically grinding chalk into a dust. When you erase, you spread that dust around your board and the room it’s in. Many have whiteboards for convenience, but some still prefer the classic look of a chalkboard. For those who want a chalkboard without the old-fashioned mess, we have these cleaning tips on how to clean a chalkboard.

The Chalkboard

Step One

Erase the board. Wipe away as much chalk as possible.

Step Two

Fill a large container with warm water and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Mix well. Use this solution and a clean cloth to wash the board. Clean either in an up-and-down motion or a side-to-side motion. Don’t do both as that will not clean the board thoroughly.

Step Three

Dry the board with a squeegee. Start from the top of the board and pull the squeegee downward. Continue across the board until the surface has thoroughly dried.

The Chalkboard Eraser

Clean erasers daily by taking them outside and clapping them against each other or slapping them against the wall. For deeper cleaning, you can rub the eraser against a towel or use a vacuum attachment on the surface of the eraser to remove dust particles. You can also dip an eraser in water to remove dust, but it will take several days to dry.

General Tip

Do not use wet chalk on a chalkboard or write on a chalkboard that is wet. The marks will be very hard to erase from the board. Use your blackboard only when both it and the chalk are dry.

It’s Easy to Clean a Chalkboard!

Chalkboards aren’t around as much as they used to be, but they’re not gone yet. While chalkboards are still here, they need people who know how to clean them. Use these easy steps to keep your chalkboard looking like a schoolroom classic.