How to Clean a Ceiling. a clean ceilingLike every surface, the ceiling needs a cleaning once in a while. However, this surface offers a few particular challenges, such as being on the wrong end of gravity. If you’re stumped on how to easily clean a ceiling, follow our easy steps! You’ll have a clean ceiling in no time.

Cover Belongings

It’s a good idea before you begin to cover up your floor and the furniture in the area. This is especially important if you will be cleaning with any liquids! Get a tarp to protect everything underneath from unwanted drips.

Wear Protective Clothing

You might be looking up into dripping dirty water, so you’ll want to wear protective clothing for this chore. Put on a head cover and goggles. Wear long-sleeved clothing and consider taping the cuffs to your wrists so water cannot run down your arm.

How to Dust

The best way to remove dust from a ceiling is with a long-handled broom. We don’t really need to describe this; it’s just like sweeping your floors, if your floors were above you. To avoid collecting dust on your face, use the broom angled away from you. If you’re worried about stiff bristles scratching your walls’ paint, wrap a rag around the bottom of your broom. Make sure to get all the cobwebs, and always dust your ceiling before you attempt wet-cleaning it.

How to Clean

Fill a bucket with warm soapy water, or water mixed with your favorite cleaning product. Dip a mop inside the bucket and squeeze out the excess water. Mop the ceiling one area at a time. Scrub back and forth until one section is clean, then move on to the next. To dry, place a towel on your broom or mop and rub in a back and forth motion. This will help reduce the amount of drips.

If you smoke inside the home, you may want to clean your ceilings a few times a year. The cigarettes will leave a tar-like substance on the walls and ceiling that needs to be removed.

Get a Clean Ceiling in No Time!

Cleaning your ceiling is not difficult and the payoffs are better indoor air quality and a fresher-looking room. If you don’t have time or don’t feel like doing this chore, see if a local house cleaning service can help you.