How to Clean a BedroomThe bedroom is a place of peace, rest, and relaxation. However, a dirty bedroom may be stressful instead of relaxing. Whenever you spend time in it, you’re reminded of a chore you’ve been neglecting. If you want to finally get your relaxing bedroom back but don’t know where to start, use our basic bedroom cleaning tips.


Remove the bedding from the mattress and throw it in the washer. Clean the mattress (described below) before putting clean bedding back on.


After the bedding has been removed, vacuum the surface of the mattress with one of the attachments. Once you’ve vacuumed up all the loose dirt and debris, lightly spray a disinfectant over the mattress. Wait until the surface is dry before putting clean bedding back on.

Put Away Clutter

This one is probably the most difficult, but it must be done for the bedroom to be clean. If you’ve tried to do away with clutter before but it just kept coming back, try adding storage space. Install more shelves, bins, dressers, back-of-the-door organizers, or anything else that can help you order your things.

Other common chores:

  • Put away any dishes that may have found their way into your room.
  • If there are clothes on the bed or floor, hang them up in the closet or fold them and put in the dresser.
  • Fold and store extra blankets.
  • Organize your bedside table.
  • Put things where they’re supposed to go!


Dust all the surfaces in the bedroom. Do this before vacuuming so the vacuum will pick up the dust that falls to the floor.


Vacuum the floor. Make sure to get the curtains and under the bed, dressers, or chairs. If the closet floor is clear, then vacuum that as well.

Clean Windows

Clean windows improve the looks of any room. Grab your favorite glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth and wipe away those smudges.

Your Bedroom — a Sanctuary of Clean

Cleaning your bedroom gives you a sense of accomplishment. You’ve made a change for the better! Reward yourself with a nap in your clean bed, or some quiet time in your once-again relaxing bedroom. If your schedule simply doesn’t allow time for regular cleaning, call your local house cleaning service and ask for help.