Housekeeping Tucson Businesses ExpectThe hustle and bustle of Tucson, Arizona doesn’t stop after the hour hand on the clock strikes 5.  The office workers pack up and leave after a busy day on the job, but a whole other crew of workers come in to take their place.  The difference is that during the day, work in the office is done at computers or in meeting rooms.  At night, the cleaning crew must erase all the work of the day and leave a clean slate for tomorrow’s work to begin.  The housekeeping Tucson businesses expect does just that and a little more.  Commercial cleaning is quite a bit different than residential cleaning, and the corporate world demands top notch performance in Tucson.

The Housekeeping Tucson Businesses Need

The office building is the face of the company.  The responsibility of the cleaning service is to provide cleaning of the highest standards to upkeep the reputation of the company.  Businesses expect the latest technologies and procedures.  They also expect that your cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly.  The housekeeping Tucson businesses expect is results driven and aims to consistently do the job right.

Housekeeping in the commercial world is much different than in the residential world.  For starters, commercial cleaning is often done at night after the office workers have left for the day.  The corporate business needs more sanitization and less personalized detail.  There is less “personal” and more “business”. So the housekeeping Tucson businesses really need isn’t true “housekeeping” at all.  It is commercial cleaning.  Cleaning up after lunch meetings, scrubbing toilets after a long day of use, and wiping down refrigerators shared by thirty or more people.  It is a different world and therefore the cleaning needs are very different.

Inside of a typical office, with desks, chairs and computers

Interaction with the Client

The housekeeping Tucson corporate businesses expect is a professional relationship.  The interaction between client and employee is an impersonal one.  The cleaning service employees will not be expected to chat or share stories with the office workers.  In contrast, the cleaning service will work while their clients aren’t even awake or in the office.  For the few janitorial staff employed during the day, it will still be business all day long.  Very few interactions will take place between the cleaning service and the office workers.  This is the housekeeping Tucson companies expect.

Typical duties of Commercial Cleaning

During a typical work day, employees may spill their coffee on the carpet or drop their lunch on the keyboard of their computer.  Cleaning crews at night come to the rescue.  This is the housekeeping Tucson companies need to efficiently run their business.  The cleaning service needs to operate stealthily in the night, erasing all of the mess of the day as if it didn’t happen.  They perform many of the same tasks as residential home cleaners, but to a much higher extent.  They must work quicker as office buildings can contain hundreds of work spaces that require cleaning each and every day.

The housekeeping Tucson businesses expect is fast and accurate work.  The lobbies of buildings must be representative of the business and therefore attention to detail in these areas is crucial.

Selecting your Tucson Commercial Cleaner

There are many commercial cleaning companies in Tucson.  At first glance it may seem hard to choose one.  Here are a few differentiating elements to look for:

Reputation:  A reputable cleaning company will have reviews from previous clients.  Read the reviews to determine if the company is a good fit for your business.

Insured/Bonded: Insurance is especially important in the commercial side of cleaning. When speaking of liability, there is a lot more that can go wrong in a corporate environment versus a residential environment.

Trustworthy Employees: Background checks should be mandatory for commercial cleaning employees.  These employees will be working with hundreds of workspaces, each occupied with personnel belongings as well as company belongings.

The housekeeping Tucson commercial businesses expect fit all of these criterion.  There is no room for error.  These businesses operate every day in a fast paced environment that cannot be interrupted by unclean conditions.  An effective cleaning service is imperative.