House Cleaning Tips for TeenagersAll of you under-twenties out there pay attention. We know you have concerts to go to and social networks to dominate, but what about when people come over? What does your room or apartment look like? In other words, is your floor visible? We’re guessing there’s a pretty good chance you could use a few house cleaning tips and tricks from us here at Maids by Trade. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make yet another account or give out more Facebook permissions. Just check out these house cleaning tips for teenagers and young adults and see what you think.

1. House cleaning is not counter cleaning.

Sure, it looks a little better if you take all the dishes on the table or counter and stuff them into the sink. That just leaves you with an entirely new problem, you guessed it, dishes in the sink. If you are still living at home you might get out of it at this point, but beware, roommates do not appreciate cleaning up mess after mess, especially if they aren’t responsible for the aforementioned kitchen chaos. House cleaning is an all-inclusive job, which leads us right into tip 2:

2. Get those roommates in on it. Participate, people.

Older teenagers may be living in a shared apartment or house. Cleaning is everyone’s responsibility in those living situations, but there’s always the roommate who leaves their dishes and clothes everywhere while somehow always getting out of helping out. Don’t let them escape! Everyone’s room is their own, but work together on the common areas. Put together a chore system, or switch off dishwashing. If all else fails, go ahead and call a professional house cleaning service. We can work wonders on that pizza-stained linoleum.

3. Crave your cleaning. Understand your cleaning. Love your cleaning.

Okay, we might be exaggerating a little, but it must be your goal to actually clean when house cleaning. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you really have to decide you want a clean area in order to get the job done. Be sure you are free from distractions when picking up your room. This doesn’t mean you can’t pump up some tunes, but let’s face it, Mad Men is just too good to try to watch while concentrating on something else. Crave your cleaning!

4. Take out the trash. All of it.

The bathroom is spotless. The bed is made. The cushions are squarely resting on the couch for a change. You’ve finished. Mission accomplished! Think again. Where did all that junk go that you just cleaned up? The trash cans. An easily put off step of house cleaning is taking out the trash and putting in those new garbage bags, but trust us–it will definitely save you some trouble. Nobody wants mold growing in the bottom of a bag-less waste receptacle. Make sure every trash and recycling bin from every room in the house finds its way outside. Preferably to the curb.

Other Tips for Teenagers

Don’t forget to resupply. Items such as toilet paper, trash bags and soap do tend to come in handy during clean-up operations.

If you’re living the best years of your life right now, and you don’t want to spend your college (or high school) days cleaning things up, get out there and enjoy yourself. Call a professional home maid service to handle this job so you don’t have to. Maids by Trade is always happy to help! Contact us now for a free consultation. We use certified green supplies and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. For the best cleaning service in Portland, Lake Oswego or the Tigard-Beaverton area, call Maids by Trade today!