House Cleaning Maids

Are you ready for a wonderful surprise? Walk into your home. Every room shines clean and smells fresh. You inhale slowly and relax instantly. With the right house cleaning maids, you can expect to enjoy your home like this every day.

House Cleaning Maids - Professional house cleaning servicees

Take a moment to find your perfect cleaning team. Set your expectations high and choose house cleaning maids who value your priorities, your home, and your schedule.

Caring maids value your priorities

You want your house to be clean and safe.

So, expect your maids to be eco- and family-friendly. Look for professional house cleaning services that use EPA approved products and send you trained professionals.

Do you want local community-conscious house cleaning maids? Set your expectations even higher. Look a little closer at how dedicated each company is to offering environmentally responsible services. Green Seal certified and EPA approved are good standards, but some cleaning companies go above and beyond, with Green Living practices and EcoPink™ System.

Maids with years of experience will impress you with fine attention to detail and efficiency. Your cleaning team should arrive on time, prepared and happy to be there.

Consistent maids value your home

Working with the same home cleaning company, your expectations are always met.

After an initial in-home estimate and cleaning, your maids know how to efficiently clean your house. They improve with every cleaning, saving you time and money.

Your house isn’t constantly re-cleaned. An initial deep cleaning wipes out any problem areas. Then, with a customized cleaning routine, your maids touch up your house as needed. Dirt and dust aren’t allowed to accumulate. You’re treated to a clean home every day.

Convenient maids value your schedule

You want a cleaning schedule that’s hassle free.

So, work with a reliable team of maids. They respect your busy schedule and prepare a clean home for your return. They keep your house clean on a routine you choose. After a long day, you walk into your home feeling proud and relaxed.

You don’t even have to think about cleaning.

Want  house cleaning maids with over 15 years of experience?

Maids by Trade has offered professional house cleaning since 1997. You get an in-home estimate, family-friendly maids, and a full 24-hour satisfaction guarantee.