Parents worry about what chores to assign their children as they grow up. The best approach is to discuss safety first, then go over their ability to do some easy chores until they become confident with that activity. The idea of contributing with the household will help boost their confidence and you will get some help around the house. Make it fun and easy for them to help out!

This little cleaning checklist is made for kids to help clean right along with you. Use this practical checklist when assigning chores to your kids.

House Cleaning for Kids

Pick the appropriate house cleaning chores

Make it into a counting game. Pick up 5 toys (or 100). It’s more fun for everyone and kiddos will move much more quickly if cleanup is game-oriented.

It may not be neatly done, but kids helping make the bed by having them pull the comforter up to the top of the bed is a good first effort.

Role-play with your child. Since they won’t be able to reach up high, have them dust baseboards and furniture that they can reach.

Buying small broom for their height will make the cleaning job easier.

Have kids pick up all garbage from floor. Let them help you put a new trash bag after you take the old trash bag out. This will allow them to help maintain a clean home.

Allow kids to help you wipe the mirrors. While cleaning you can sing a song to make it more fun for them.

Collecting place mats after meals is an easy chore for the kids to do around the house.

We love feedback! Please comment other chores you will think should be added to the checklist for kids. Thank you!