Looking for a new job? Want a job with a flexible schedule, good pay, and a supportive work environment? Look no further than Maids by Trade! Read our 5 reasons why house cleaning jobs are great, then apply!

5 Reasons House Cleaning Jobs Are Fantastic

1. The Opportunity to Do Some Good

We like to say our company’s focus isn’t on cleaning; it’s actually on people. As a house cleaner, you’ll have the opportunity to enter someone’s home and help them out by making it shine. Our focus on customer happiness is what has helped us thrive in our almost twenty years of business and you can be a part of that!

2. Competitive Pay

Providing high-quality luxury service means we pay our employees more than the industry standard. The house cleaning is historically notorious for its low wages (which are often paired with low-quality service from workers who don’t care.) Maids by Trade is determined to make these stereotypes obsolete and to change the culture of house cleaning to one of fair compensation and respect.

3. Attractive Hours

Here’s a secret: customers frequently want their house cleaned when they are least busy, which tends to be during the week! It is rare to work weekends or holidays here at Maids by Trade. We recognize that our customers often want the same pockets of free time that we do, and we use this knowledge and customer feedback to implement mutual scheduling solutions for house cleaning jobs.

4. Solid Benefits

On top of the advantages already offered, Maids by Trade provides even more for our team members. Paid training, paid sick leave, and vacation time are all benefits that Maids by Trade employees enjoy.

5. Healthy Habits

There are lots of health risks from sitting too long. If you’re looking for an active job that keeps you moving and fit, then house cleaning is perfect for you! In addition, our company uses eco-friendly products as part of the EcoPink™ System, so you aren’t exposed to dangerous chemicals. Cleaning work at Maids by Trade is all-around good for you.

House Cleaning Jobs Going Fast!

So have we sold you yet? If not, learn more about our company and why we’re a unique cleaning service provider. If you’re ready to apply, head on over to our Jobs page and fill out an application.